Things to do in Indore – A Complete Travel Guide

With its abundance of magnificent historical places and stunning natural beauty, Indore undoubtedly holds a vibrant cultural heritage that carries the power to leave you enchanted with its spectacular magnificence. Scroll down to read the complete Indore city travel guide. It is recommended that you rent a chauffeur driven car in this beautiful city to explore the hidden gems that it has to offer.

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About Indore

Things to do in Indore

Snuggled in the lap of the Malwa plateau, the charm of the famous Indore city lies in its vibrant cultural heritage, maintained over the years, along with the traces of urbanisation. Moreover, with a glorious history and quick industrialization, the city is well-known for its majestic palaces and temples, cotton handloom industry, delicious street food, evening markets, and more. So with all these attractions, it is no wonder why the city is turning into a favourite tourist attraction. And with no shortage of places to explore in and around the city, planning a sightseeing itinerary may seem challenging. Keep reading below to check out the complete travel guide. 


Indore is an ancient settlement which flourished at the end of the 15th century. Moreover, the city was first called Indreshwar, named after the magnificent Indreshwar Temple in Indore. And this Indreshwar temple- the city’s most ancient shrine- is believed to have gotten its name from its original contributor, the Rashtrakuta king Indra III who was a ruler during the late 10th century. 

Indore Palace

Subedar Malhar Rao of the Holkar Dynasty restored the Shiva temple in the early 17th century when the city was an existing trading headquarters and a camping location for guerrilla exercises.  The Holkar kingdom ruled the city as Maratha kings and later as Maharajas of the city and remained a thriving Maratha Empire until the 18th century. Later, their empire turned into a princely state under the rule of the British Government.

Interesting facts about Indore

  • Given its location on the scenic Malwa Plateau, the landscape of Indore is full of undulated plateaus and rocky terrains. These Plateaus remain straddled above 485 to 579 metres above sea level and in the southeastern area of the city lies steep valleys and hills with narrow streams. 
  • Indore city enjoys the continental weather of the Indian subcontinent, given its strategic location towards the country’s centre, far from the oceans. While summers in the city are swelteringly hot, winters are occasionally freezing, with average rain during monsoons. In addition, the average city weather remains moderate due to its geographical standing near the Malwa Plateau. 
  • Geographically, Indore remains situated in the Malwa plateau, with the magnificent Vindhyas Ranges bordering its southern part. Also, positioned at 552 metres above sea level with 22.2 -23.05° North Latitude and 75.25 – 76.16° East Longitude, the city experiences typical continental weather. A wide plateau surrounds a significant part of the Indore district. 
  • This largest city of Madhya Pradesh shares its boundary with Betwa and Pithampura in the west, Sanwer and Ujjain in the North, Mhow, Choral, Khandwa, and Manpur in the South and Dewas and Simrol in the north and southeast, respectively.

Offbeat Things to do in Indore 

Rajwada Palace

Indore is one of the most mesmerising cities in central India that never fails to charm people with its breathtaking temples, brimming bazaars and lush parks. Furthermore, from its jaw-dropping exquisite architecture and vibrant cultural heritage, there is a lot you can witness in the cleanest city in India. Here are some fun things you cannot miss when in the city for sightseeing. 

Things to do in Indore with friends 

  • Tour the magnificent Rajwada Palace: One of the most breathtaking landmarks of Indore city, the stunning Rajwada Palace, is a spectacular architectural marvel constructed of timber and stone that charms people with its grandeur! Famously known as the Holkar Wada, this remarkable palace contains seven floors and incorporates Maratha, European, and Mughal architectural elements to make it a truly distinctive sightseeing attraction. 
  • Walk down the historical memories at Central Museum: Located in the city’s centre, Central Museum (also famous as the Indore Museum) is a heaven for history lovers. Instituted in the 19th century, this renowned museum exhibits antiques and relics from modern and prehistoric times. In addition, the major exhibits comprise coins, sculptures, stone statues, guns used by  Jehangir, Babur and Humayun, and armour used in battles. So if you wish to glimpse the vibrant provincial history, this is one of the best places to explore in Indore.
  • Spend a fun time at the Mayank Blue Water Park: Head off to the delightful Mayank Blue Water Park in Indore, where you can feel the adrenaline rush as you go rafting, splashing, and plunging through delightful slides and rides. And if you are not a thrill enthusiast, you can relax and unwind at the pool. 

Things to do in Indore with family

  • Witness the architectural magnificence at Lalbagh palace: One of the best sightseeing places in Indore, Lal Bagh Palace is an eternal testimony to the art, lifestyle, and architecture of the Maratha kingdom. Besides, this three-storey construction that once acted as the home of the Holkars is now a majestic museum. It accommodates captivatingly designed interiors with Italian and Indian paintings, elegant chandeliers, furnishings that belonged to the early Georgian and late Persian styles, and an enchanting ballroom.
  • Fulfil your culinary delights at Sarafa Bazar: Want to savour the city’s authentic delights? Drive your way to Sarafa Bazar, a famous street food lane in the city that offers the best regional culinary treats. A jewellery market during the day and a food lover’s paradise at night, this food lane is where you can eat your heart out without burning a hole in your pocket.

Places to visit in Indore 

  • Marvel at the beauty of Kanch Mandir: A Jain temple constructed in the late 19th century by Seth Hukam Chand, a renowned moderator of the Jain community, Kanch Mandir is a famous attraction you can explore during the night. As the name implies, this temple is constructed from mirrors and glass. The Chinese glass lights used for embellishing the interiors improve its visual allure, making it a perfect spot for devotees and art enthusiasts.
Sirpur sunset
Sunset at Sirpur
  • Try lip-smacking delicacies at Chappan Dukan: Explore the tastes of Indore and be ready to satisfy your taste buds at Chappan Dukan, another remarkable food street in the city. In addition, Chappan in Hindi denotes “56,” As the title goes, the lane has 56 food joints selling a wide spectrum of delectable grubs attracting hundreds and thousands of visitors throughout the day, especially at night.
  • Spend some peaceful time at Pipliyapala Regional Park: Located on the banks of Pipliyapala Lake, Pipliyapala Regional Park is the most scenic place to spend a relaxed time. Besides taking a stroll in the lush gardens, you can even try boating here along with exploring musical fountains, the artists’ Village, and mist fountains and spending the night in a mini-cruiser, Malwa Queen. 

Places to visit near Indore 

  • Explore wildlife at Ralamandal Wildlife Sanctuary: A perfect location for nature and wildlife lovers near Indore, Ralamandal Wildlife Sanctuary offers the perfect break from your busy sightseeing schedule. Also, home to numerous wild animals like blue bulls, leopards, sambars and barking deer, it is one of the favourite spots for nature enthusiasts and photo buffs. Besides, the place has many trekking routes, making it famous among adventure enthusiasts and trekkers. 
  • Bring out your adventurous side at Patalpani Waterfalls: With an exhilarating spectrum of enjoyable activities, Patalpani Waterfalls is the perfect place to plan a fun day with your friends and family. Located roughly 35 kms from the city, here you can go trekking with your friends, have a delightful plunge at the pool or camp under a starry night. However, if you are not an adventure fan, you can relax in a peaceful environment and explore various shrubs, flowering plants, and trees.

Places to eat in Indore 

Indore cuisine offers countless choices for lip-smacking vegetarian delicacies with a hint of a South-Indian impact on the food. Also, being a unique hub of cultures and a vibrant city, this town provides many culinary options for food lovers. Do not forget to visit the transforming Sarafa Bazaar to satisfy some midnight street food cravings. Here are some famous eating joints in the city. 

  • Kebabs Ville
  • Shree Chotiwala
  • On the House
  • Shreemaya Celebrity

How to Plan a Trip to Indore?

To get the most comfortable travelling experience, you can plan your tailored Indore trip by choosing the route, mode of transport, and more. Below are some primary transport modes to reach Indore city.

How to reach Indore?

  • By Train: Frequent rail services run to and fro Indore. And Indore Junction railway station is the main station that links Indore to the rest of the country. And after reaching the railway station, you can book a private cab service to reach your destination. 
  • By Road: Indore remains connected by a network of roads to New Delhi, Bhopal, Jaipur and other prominent cities via bus and private cab services. 

Best time to visit Indore

November to March are the most suitable months to plan a trip to Indore. Also, while June to September is equally a good time to arrive in the city, the continuous rains might hinder your sightseeing plans. On the other hand, you must completely avoid visiting Indore during the summers. 

Hotels and Resorts near Indore

Hotel NameAddress

The Oberoi Sukhvilas Spa Resort
 Bypass Road, Omaxe City 1, Mayakhedi, Indore| Phone: 0731 488 0000
The Park IndorePlot No 5, IDA, Scheme 159, MR 10 Rd, Indore| Phone: 0731 486 0000
WOW HotelPlot No. 106 Scheme No. 54 PU – 3 Commercial, AB Rd, Indore| Phone: 0731 671 1111

Excited to explore this mesmerising city? We bet you are! So next time you plan a visit to central India, do not forget to add Indore to your travel itinerary! Witness the grandeur of Indore by booking a car rental to take you to all these places with a local driver. Install the Savaari cab booking app for offers and discounts on outstation rentals.  

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