Things to do in Mandawa – A Complete Travel Guide

Perched amidst the arid dunes of Rajasthan, Mandawa emerges like a mirage, offering a window into regal antiquity. This guide illuminates the myriad things to do in Mandawa, from wandering through centuries-old havelis adorned with intricate frescoes to savoring the local hospitality and vibrant bazaars. If the guide has inspired you to explore this quaint town, we recommend that you avail a taxi service in Jaipur.

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Things to do in Mandawa

Places to visit in Mandawa

Replete with gorgeous edifices, frescoes and Rajputana paintings, sightseeing here is an experience to savour at every turn. Check out these most popular places to see in the ancient town.

  • Mandawa Fort: The iconic structure of the town and an ancient fort, this property is now a heritage hotel. The old architecture and artwork adorning the property are still in place but coupled with modern luxury amenities. Entry Fee– INR 500 for touring the palace and fort.
Mandawa Fort:
  • Lakshminarayan Ladia Haveli: the Lakshminarayan Ladia Haveli is the most magnificent one. The frescoes depict stories from Hindu mythology. If you love art, architecture and history, this is the perfect place to spend a day. Entry Fee– NA
  • Murmuria Haveli: Built in the 1930s, the Murmuria Haveli is one of the most distinguishing structures of Mandawa. Designed in the classic Rajasthani architectural style, the palatial mansion houses beautiful paintings of ancient leaders of the region. Entry Fee– NA
  • Gulab Rai Ladia Haveli: One of the most palatial structures in the town, this mansion exhibits exceptional pieces of artwork, including mirror and enameling work, frescoes, and murals. Entry Fee– NA

Places to visit nearby

Besides the regular tourist places you can also explore other scenic locales nearby –

  • Kuchaman Fort: Located in Kuchaman City, this is an ancient fort characterized by formidable ramparts, innumerable terraces, balconies, and viewing points. Visit during sunset for incredible views. Entry Fee– NA
Kuchaman Fort
  • Dr Ramnath Podar Haveli Nawalgarh: Built in 1902, this mansion has been restored to promote tourism in the Shekhawati region. A Heritage Museum is integrated within the premise, which showcases the heritage, tradition, and culture of Rajasthan. Entry Fee– NA
Dr Ramnath Podar Haveli Nawalgarh
  • Neemrana Fort Palace: A 15th-century palace, now turned into a heritage resort and retreat but open for touring. The rampart and top of the fort are famous for stunning views of the Aravalli Mountains. The sunset views and nighttime ambience is said to be an extraordinary experience. Entry Fee– NA
Neemrana Fort Palace
  • Jaipur: The state capital and the largest city of Rajasthan, this pink-hued city is a hub of art, culture, architecture, literature, and food. Visit the Hawa Mahal, Jantar Mantar, Jaipur Palace, Jal Mahal, or Albert Hall Museum. Entry Fee– NA

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Places to Eat in Mandawa

Sample the local flavours of Mandawa at these popular restaurants and eateries –

  • Gwala Rooftop Restaurant
  • Mandawa Pavilion Rooftop Restaurant
  • Monalisa Rooftop Restaurant
  • Galaxy Restaurant
  • Jyoti Chaat Bhandar

How to Plan a Trip to Mandawa

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You can also plan a personalized Mandawa trip by selecting the mode of transport, the route, and more.

How to Reach Mandawa

By Train

There is no railway service within Mandawa. The nearest railway station is in Dundlodh Mukundgarh, about 17 km away. You can travel from any other city/town in Rajasthan to Dundlodh and from there, take the local bus or book a cab to reach the village.

By Road

Mandawa is well-connected to the rest of the state via NH 48, NH 11, NH53 and state highways. There are some state-run and private bus services from Jaipur, Bikaner, Agra, Alwar, Delhi, Ajmer etc. to Mandawa. The best way to travel from anywhere in Rajasthan or neighbouring states to Mandawa is to book an outstation cab or rent a car and do a road trip.

By Flight

There is no flight service in Mandawa. The nearest airport is Jaipur International Airport, about 182KM away. You can fly down from any major city or town across India to Jaipur. From there, you can book an airport taxi and drive to Mandawa by road.

Best time to Visit Mandawa

Since the weather here is hot and dry most parts of the year, the colder months, between October and

About Mandawa

Mandawa is an ancient town in the Shekhawati region of Rajasthan, known for exquisitely made palaces and mansions. These buildings are the primary tourist attractions. But this artistic heritage of Mandawa is not restricted to its past. Even today, the local community engages in appreciation of art through painting, handicrafts, architecture and sculpture.

Mandawa is another ancient and one of the oldest cities in the region, definitely worth a holiday. An important stoppage for traders and merchants who exchanged goods via the silk route back in those days, this city has several palaces and Havelis and forts. Having grown in a culturally rich atmosphere, the locals have a sense of appreciating art and are involved in artwork like painting, craft handicrafts etc.

With our travel guide, you can plan an all-rounded trip to this quaint town of Rajasthan.



Mandawa sits in the Jhunjhunu district of Rajasthan, on the eastern edge of the state. It is a part of the Shekhawati region, known for its palaces and forts. Mandawa is located 170KM from Jaipur, 192KM from Bikaner, and 206KM from Alwar.



The weather here is hot and dry, like most parts of the state. Summers are extremely harsh with temperatures rising as high as 50 degrees Celsius, while winters are cold and chilly with almost single-digit temperatures. There aren’t much of rainfalls so to say but post autumn, the heat starts to subside with more pleasant days and cold nights.  


Mandawa history

The town of Mandawa evolved as a trading outpost on the ancient trade route between China and the Middle East in the 18th century. The ruler of Nawalgarh, Thakur Nawal Singh built a fort here to protect the town. Over time, this village attracted a large number of merchants who travelled the Silk Road. They ended up building beautiful homes and turned a trading town into a settlement.


Mandawa does not exhibit any prominent landscape. It is generally an arid region with scanty vegetation and is completely barren in some places. There are almost no natural water bodies in the region except inside fortresses and rain-fed ponds. However, the region attracts a lot of migratory birds in winters. 

Interesting Facts

Mandawa facts

Lined with such structures, along with paved archways and fortresses, Mandawa is also known as the “Open Art Gallery”, where each building stands as a living work of art.

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February are the best time to explore all the visiting places in Mandawa.

Hotels and Resorts in Mandawa

Check out these beautiful places to stay in and around –

  • Hotel Heritage Mandawa
  • Veedaranya Haveli
  • Hotel Mandawa Haveli
  • Castle Mandawa
  • Hotel Radhika Haveli
  • WelcomHeritage The Desert Resort
  • Desert Nights, Churi Ajitgarh
  • Vivaana Culture Hotel

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