Things to do in Sriharikota – A complete travel guide

Nestled along the eastern coast of India, Sriharikota is a name synonymous with innovation and exploration. This small, tranquil island is located in the southern state of Andhra Pradesh and is world-renowned as a hub for space research and satellite launches. But Sriharikota is not just about rocket launches and scientific breakthroughs; it’s a place where the mystique of the cosmos converges with the serenity of coastal beauty. In this blog, we embark on a journey to uncover the enigmatic allure of Sriharikota, where the boundless expanse of the universe meets the gentle lull of the Bay of Bengal. So book your airport taxi to Sriharikota, and get ready to explore the place where there is little distance between the skies and land. 

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Sriharikota, often referred to as India’s “Spaceport,” is a place where science and technology take centre stage. But beyond its cosmic significance, this coastal gem offers a unique blend of nature, history, and exploration. From the best food places to shopping to all the hidden gems let us embark on a journey to discover the intriguing island of Sriharikota. 

Things to do in Sriharikota by booking a cab

Sriharikota, India’s space research hub, is a place of wonderment that goes beyond its astronomical significance. While it’s synonymous with satellite launches and space exploration, this coastal island has much more to offer to curious travellers. Let’s embark on a journey to discover the diverse and captivating things to do in Sriharikota that extend beyond just the stars.

things to do in Sriharikota
  • Visit the Satish Dhawan Space Centre – Your trip to Sriharikota is incomplete without a visit to the Satish Dhawan Space Centre. Explore the visitor’s gallery and gain insights into India’s space missions, its history, and ongoing projects.
  • Witness a Rocket Launch – Timing your visit to coincide with a rocket launch is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Watch in awe as a massive rocket soars into the sky, carrying the dreams of space exploration.
  • Relax at Pulicat Lake – Pulicat Lake, India’s second-largest saltwater lake, offers a serene escape. Birdwatching, boat rides, and tranquil surroundings make it a delightful spot for nature lovers.
Pulicat Lake
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  • Chill by the beach – Sriharikota’s beaches, like Sullurpeta Beach and Iskon Beach, are perfect for a leisurely day out. Enjoy the calming waves, bask in the sun, and savour the coastal vibes.
  • Photography at the lighthouse – The Sriharikota Lighthouse offers breathtaking views of the island and its surroundings. Capture stunning photographs and admire the panoramic vistas. 
  • Take a nature walk – The lush greenery and serene landscapes of Sriharikota make it an ideal place for nature walks. Explore the local flora and fauna, and immerse yourself in the island’s natural beauty.
  • Learn about local culture – Engage with the local community to understand their way of life. Sriharikota’s rich and diverse cultural tapestry, and interacting with the locals is a rewarding experience.
  • Explore fishing villages – Sriharikota is home to quaint fishing villages that offer a glimpse into the traditional livelihoods of its inhabitants. Stroll through these villages and appreciate the simplicity of life by the sea.
  • Stroll at the sunset point – Head to the Sunset Point, where you can witness a mesmerizing sunset that paints the sky in hues of orange and pink. It’s a perfect way to end a day of exploration.
  • Shop for souvenirs – Don’t forget to pick up souvenirs like local handicrafts, seashell jewellery, and traditional fabrics from the local markets. These mementoes are a reminder of your memorable Sriharikota visit.

Whether you’re a space enthusiast, nature lover, or simply in search of a serene escape, Sriharikota invites you to embrace its diverse tapestry of attractions and activities. Looking for a big car to fit your entire family? Book a chauffeur-driven taxi in Sriharikota. 

Shopping in Sriharikota

Shopping in Sriharikota is a delightful way to explore the local culture and bring home unique souvenirs from your journey to Spaceport Island. These markets and stores offer a chance to appreciate the island’s heritage and take a piece of Sriharikota with you as a cherished keepsake. From unique items like seashell jewellery, traditional fabrics, home decor pieces, and spices this island town has a lot to surprise you with.

  • Sriharikota souvenir store, Near Satish Dhawan Space Centre Visitor’s Gallery: Discover a range of space-themed souvenirs, including keychains, models, and clothing, to commemorate your visit to the spaceport.
  • Local handicraft markets, main street Sriharikota: Explore bustling local markets where artisans showcase their craftsmanship. You can find seashell jewellery, traditional fabrics, and handwoven items that reflect the island’s cultural richness.
  • Sarve Swarna handicrafts, Sriharikota Main Road: This shop offers a diverse collection of handmade crafts, from intricate sculptures to colourful home decor, providing you with an opportunity to take home a piece of local artistry.
  • Tea and spice stores, Sriharikota Main Road: Sriharikota is known for its tea and spices. Visit local stores to purchase aromatic teas and fragrant spices that make for unique gifts and culinary delights.
  • Apparel boutiques, Sriharikota Main Road: Explore small clothing boutiques where you can find traditional garments and fabrics, perfect for adding a touch of Sriharikota’s culture to your wardrobe.
  • Street markets, Various locations in Sriharikota: Wander through the vibrant street markets for a mix of everyday essentials, street food, and a glimpse into the local way of life.
  • Bakery and sweet shops, Sriharikota Main Road: Indulge your taste buds in local sweets, snacks, and baked goods. Don’t forget to take some home as delectable souvenirs.
  • Sriharikota’s space-themed books, Various bookstores: Explore local bookstores where you can find space-related books, perfect for those eager to dive deeper into the cosmos.

Nightlife in Sriharikota

Sriharikota’s nightlife is a unique blend of tranquil beaches and cosmic mysteries. The twinkling stars and the soothing sound of waves offer an exceptional experience that is beyond ordinary. Unlike the bustling urban nightlife of many Indian cities, Sriharikota’s nocturnal experiences showcase a more natural and serene side. This coastal destination has a captivating charm that sets it apart. You won’t find neon lights or bustling clubs here; instead, you can enjoy distinctive activities that are in tune with nature. Let’s delve into the Nightlife in Sriharikota” to uncover the magic of this enchanting place.

  • Relax on starry nights by the seashore – Gazing at the stars in Sriharikota is a mesmerizing experience, thanks to its minimal light pollution. Lay back on the beach and let the cosmic wonders above leave you in awe.
  • Enjoy beach bonfires with a celestial view – Gather around a beach bonfire with your loved ones, the soothing sound of the waves in the background, and the starry sky above. Sriharikota’s beaches offer an extraordinary setting for this fireside tradition.
  • Indulge in moonlit beach strolls – Take a leisurely night walk along the shoreline, where the moonlight glistens on the gentle waves. It’s a serene and romantic experience unique to the island.
  • Relish seafood delights under the stars – Sriharikota’s fresh catches are transformed into flavorful seafood dishes. Dining by the sea under the moonlight adds an extra layer of magic to your meal.
  • Embrace yoga sessions under starlit skies – Join yoga sessions under the starry sky for a tranquil and rejuvenating experience. The natural ambience enhances the practice, making it a one-of-a-kind venture.
  • Enjoy cultural evenings by the coast – Immerse yourself in the local culture by attending events featuring traditional music, dance, and art. The coastal backdrop and cultural richness create an enchanting atmosphere.
  • Organize a romantic moonlit beach picnic – Pack a picnic and enjoy a moonlit meal by the sea. The moon’s gentle glow adds a touch of magic to the experience.
  • Coffee and Conversations by the bay- Sriharikota’s cozy cafés and tea stalls offer a serene ambience for evening conversations and reflection. The night’s calmness adds a unique dimension to your coffee chat.

Places to visit in Sriharikota

Sriharikota, a small island located off the coast of Andhra Pradesh in India, might not be a destination that’s on everyone’s radar, but it’s a place that offers a unique blend of science and serenity. Known primarily as the launch site for India’s space program, Sriharikota also has much to offer in terms of natural beauty and historical significance. If you’re an adventure seeker, a science enthusiast, or just someone looking for a quiet getaway, Sriharikota has something for everyone. Here, we’ll take you on a tour of some of the most captivating places to visit on this island, including details about their working hours and entry fees.

  • Satish Dhawan Space Centre (SDSC) – If you’ve ever marvelled at the wonders of space exploration, a visit to the Satish Dhawan Space Centre is a must. This premier spaceport is where India launches its satellites and interplanetary missions. Take a guided tour to witness the launch pads, rocket assembly areas, and the space museum, which provides a fascinating insight into India’s space endeavours.
    • Working Hours: The SDSC Visitor Complex is open from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM on all weekdays except holidays.
    • Entry Fee: There’s a nominal entry fee of INR 100 for adults and INR 50 for children.
  • Pulicat Lake and Bird Sanctuary – For nature enthusiasts, Pulicat Lake and Bird Sanctuary is a haven. This picturesque location is a paradise for birdwatchers, with a diverse range of migratory birds making a stop here. The serene lake, dotted with small islands, provides an excellent opportunity for boating and photography.
    • Working Hours: The sanctuary is open from 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM.
    • Entry Fee: Entry is free, but there’s a fee for boating activities.
  • Sriharikota Beach – Sriharikota Beach is an unspoiled gem, offering stunning views of the Bay of Bengal. The beach is not crowded, making it a perfect spot for a peaceful retreat. The serene atmosphere and the beautiful sunset make it a great place to unwind.
    • Working Hours: The beach is accessible throughout the day.
    • Entry Fee: No entry fee.
Sriharikota beach
Credit: The New Indian Express
  •  ISRO Propulsion Complex (IPRC) – The IPRC is another fascinating spot for space enthusiasts. It’s the centre responsible for the testing and assembling of propulsion systems for India’s space missions. The visitor centre provides insight into the technology behind rocket propulsion.
    • Working Hours: The IPRC Visitor Center is open from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM on all weekdays except holidays.
    • Entry Fee: INR 20 for adults, INR 10 for children.
  • Shar Center (Space Applications Centre, SAC) – The SAC, a unit of ISRO, focuses on the development of payloads for communication, broadcasting, and meteorology satellites. Visitors can explore the exhibits and interactive displays to understand how space technology impacts daily life.
    • Working Hours: The SAC is open from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM on all weekdays except holidays.
    • Entry Fee: INR 20 for adults, INR 10 for children.

Sriharikota, with its unique blend of science and natural beauty, offers an offbeat yet enriching travel experience. Whether you’re gazing at the stars at the space centre, observing the birds at Pulicat Lake, or relaxing on the pristine beach, Sriharikota has a charm all its own. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore this hidden gem, where science and serenity coexist harmoniously.

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Places to visit near Sriharikota

Sriharikota’s neighbouring regions offer a wide range of experiences that add layers of history, culture, and natural beauty to your visit. These nearby destinations offer a diverse array of experiences, from exploring history and culture to unwinding on serene beaches. Each place near Sriharikota has its own unique charm, making it a worthwhile addition to your travel itinerary. So, when you visit Sriharikota, don’t miss the opportunity to venture beyond and discover the hidden treasures that await in its vicinity.

  • Chennai – The capital of Tamil Nadu, Chennai, located approximately 104 km from Sriharikota,  is a vibrant metropolis with a rich cultural heritage. Explore the historical Fort St. George, bask in the lively atmosphere of Marina Beach, and visit the iconic Kapaleeshwarar Temple, known for its stunning Dravidian architecture. Don’t forget to indulge in the delicious South Indian cuisine, a highlight of any trip to Chennai.
  • Euclaptus Island: Euclaptus Island is a lesser-known gem located in the vicinity of Sriharikota, off the eastern coast of India. This charming island, located around 41 km from Sriharikota, offers a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. The island is renowned for its pristine beaches and tranquil ambience, making it an ideal destination for nature lovers and those seeking a serene retreat. With its relatively untouched natural beauty and crystal-clear waters, Euclaptus Island is perfect for leisurely walks on the beach, birdwatching, and simply unwinding amidst the soothing sound of the waves. The island’s remote and unspoiled charm adds a unique dimension to the Sriharikota experience, providing an opportunity to reconnect with nature and relish the solitude it offers.
  • Mahabalipuram – Mahabalipuram, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is renowned for its intricately carved stone temples and sculptures. Marvel at the Shore Temple, a masterpiece by the sea, and explore Arjuna’s Penance, a massive open-air bas-relief, and the Five Rathas, monolithic rock-cut temples. The town’s ancient history and artistic achievements are on full display here and is located at a comfortable distance of 174.2 km from Sriharikota. 
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  • Kanchipuram – known as the “City of a Thousand Temples,” Kanchipuram is a sacred city steeped in history and spirituality. Visit the stunning temples that adorn this town, such as the Kailasanathar Temple and Ekambareswarar Temple. Kanchipuram is also famous for its silk sarees, which are a must-buy for those interested in traditional Indian attire. Plus the temple town is located around 166 km from Sriharikota and makes for an amazing road trip. 
  • Nellore –  Located at a distance of 118 km from Sriharikota, Nellore is a city of historical and religious significance. Pay a visit to the Barah Shaheed Dargah, a revered Sufi shrine. For a glimpse into the region’s history, explore the Udayagiri Fort, which stands as a testament to Nellore’s rich past.
  • Vellore – Vellore boasts the majestic Vellore Fort, a 16th-century fort renowned for its intricate carvings and houses a fascinating museum. Additionally, visit the Golden Temple, a spiritual and architectural marvel made of pure gold. If you are looking to cover a variety of places for your trip, Vellor is a great option located almost 204km, almost 4.5 hours away from Sriharikota. 
  • Ennore Beach – Ennore Beach is a tranquil alternative to Chennai’s bustling Marina Beach. It’s an excellent place to witness a serene sunset or take a leisurely beach stroll, away from the crowds. The drive to Ennore beach is almost 107km, a perfect trip to watch the sunset. 

Savaari customers verified places to eat in Sriharikota

Sriharikota is not only a beautiful and scientifically significant place, but it also has a lot to offer in terms of its local cuisine. The food here is a wonderful combination of South Indian flavours and fresh coastal ingredients. When you visit Sriharikota, make sure to explore its culinary landscape. From spicy Andhra delicacies to the soothing flavours of South Indian cuisine, the restaurants in this area offer a delightful gastronomic experience. Each place has its unique specialities, so don’t miss the opportunity to savour the local and regional flavours while you’re in this enchanting corner of India.

  • Hotel Haritha, Sriharikota Road, Sullurpeta – Hotel Haritha is a local favourite, offering authentic Andhra cuisine. The highlight here is their fiery Andhra chicken curry, a spicy delight that packs a punch. Pair it with their fragrant biryani for a complete meal. The restaurant also offers a range of vegetarian dishes for those who prefer a meatless meal.
  • Bhavanam Restaurant, Muthukur Road, Sriharikota – Bhavanam Restaurant is known for its extensive South Indian menu. Whether you’re a fan of dosas, idlis, or a hearty South Indian thali, you’ll find it here. Don’t miss their crispy masala dosa and filter coffee. The inviting ambience makes it a perfect place for a relaxed breakfast or lunch. “Had one of the most lip-smacking south Indian food here,” says Saritha Vidyanathan. 
  • Surya Hotel, Raja Street, Sriharikota – Surya Hotel is a wonderful place to explore the flavours of North Indian cuisine. Try their butter chicken, which is rich and creamy, paired with fresh naan or roti. The restaurant’s aromatic spices and well-cooked dishes ensure a delightful dining experience. Most customer reviews suggest this place for dining.
  • Sai Sagar Restaurant, Subbareddy Peta, Sriharikota – Sai Sagar Restaurant is known for its vegetarian specialities, especially its thali, which offers a variety of South Indian dishes in one hearty meal. The sambar and chutneys are particularly well-prepared. It’s an excellent spot for a quick, flavorful meal.
  • Sundara Fast Food, Sriharikota Road, Sullurpeta – Sundara Fast Food is the go-to place for street food lovers. Their pav bhaji and chaat are popular among the locals. If you’re in the mood for a quick and tasty snack, this is the place to satisfy your cravings.
  • Hotel Priyadarshini, Raja Street, Sriharikota – Hotel Priyadarshini is renowned for its delicious biryanis. Whether you’re a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian, you’ll find a biryani to suit your taste. The fragrant rice and perfectly cooked meat or vegetables are a treat for the senses.
  • Hotel Athidhi Grand, Sriharikota Road, Sullurpeta – Hotel Athidhi Grand offers a blend of North Indian and South Indian cuisine. Their North Indian dishes, like paneer tikka and butter chicken, are particularly delectable. The restaurant provides a variety of options to cater to different tastes.

About Sriharikota

Located in Andhra Pradesh on India’s eastern coast, Sriharikota is a blend of beauty, heritage, and nature. Separated from the mainland by Pulicat Lake, this island showcases South Indian traditions touched by coastal nuances, evident in its distinctive cuisine and customs. With pristine destinations like Sriharikota Beach and Pulicat Lake Bird Sanctuary, it’s a haven for relaxation and bird-watching. Adding to its allure is the venerable Sriharikota Venkateswara Swamy Temple, echoing the area’s spiritual richness. In essence, Sriharikota offers a unique coastal Indian experience, merging tranquil landscapes with deep cultural roots.

History of Sriharikota

Sriharikota has a rich and diverse history that blends ancient traditions with modern developments. Historically, it was known for its religious significance, with several centuries-old temples, most notably the Sriharikota Venkateswara Swamy Temple, a revered pilgrimage site for devotees. However, in the mid-20th century, the island was selected as the primary spaceport for the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), marking a pivotal moment that transformed its destiny. Since the 1970s, Sriharikota has played a significant role in India’s space exploration efforts and stands as a symbol of the country’s scientific prowess and technological advancements. The Satish Dhawan Space Centre is the focal point of these monumental achievements, including the launch of countless satellites and interplanetary missions. Sriharikota’s history weaves a tapestry of spirituality and space exploration, making it an intriguing destination that spans eras and aspirations.

Interesting facts about Sriharikota

Sriharikota, the tiny island that has etched its name in India’s space history, holds not only the grandeur of its rocket launches but also a treasure trove of intriguing facts. As we delve deeper into its storied past, we uncover unique anecdotes that weave together the island’s history, its role during the British rule in India, and lesser-known aspects that make Sriharikota more than just a spaceport.

  •  The British connection: During the British colonial era, Sriharikota was a strategically significant location on India’s eastern coast. The British constructed a lighthouse on the island to aid navigation along the Coromandel Coast. This lighthouse, built in 1861, still stands as a reminder of the island’s maritime importance during that period.
  • The trading hub: Beyond its space-centric fame, Sriharikota has a history deeply rooted in trade. The island was a bustling trading hub where merchants and traders frequented its shores, and engaged in commerce and barter, making it an economic lifeline for the region.
  • A birdwatcher’s paradise: Sriharikota isn’t just a launching site for rockets; it’s also a haven for birdwatchers. The island’s pristine beaches and nearby Pulicat Lake Bird Sanctuary provide a perfect habitat for numerous migratory bird species, attracting ornithologists and wildlife enthusiasts from around the world.
  • Land of ancient temples: While Sriharikota is famous for its modern marvels, it’s also home to a host of ancient temples that have stood the test of time. The Sriharikota Venkateswara Swamy Temple, with its spiritual aura and architectural beauty, is a testament to the island’s rich heritage.
  • A lesson in safety: With rocket launches carrying a substantial risk, meticulous planning goes into selecting the island as a spaceport. Sriharikota’s strategic location and an almost uninhabited eastern coastline make it an ideal choice, minimizing the potential impact on human settlements and ensuring safety during launches.

Sriharikota is not just a place of rocket launches but a land that speaks of history, trade, spirituality, and environmental diversity. These lesser-known facets make Sriharikota a destination of depth, where the threads of time weave together a captivating narrative of the past and present.

How to plan a trip to Sriharikota

If you are planning a trip to Sriharikota, which is known for science and serenity, you should start by coordinating your visit with the scheduled rocket launches at the Satish Dhawan Space Centre (SDSC) listed on the ISRO website. Make sure you have the necessary permits for the launch viewings. You should book accommodations in nearby towns like Sullurpeta or Nellore well in advance. To explore the island’s natural beauty and culture, you should spend a few days visiting local attractions and trying the local cuisine. Keep an eye on the weather, as launches are subject to change due to adverse conditions. Before your trip, always check for any updates or changes on the ISRO website or from local sources. Also, don’t forget to download the Savaari app, for a comfortable travel experience within Sriharikota.

How to reach Sriharikota

Reaching Sriharikota, the island that epitomizes India’s space ambitions, is a rewarding adventure. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to make your way to this unique destination. 

Reaching Sriharikota by air – The nearest major airport to Sriharikota is Chennai International Airport, located approximately 100 kilometres away. From there, you can take book a taxi or hire a rental car to reach the island. Another option is Tirupati Airport, which is around 140 kilometres from Sriharikota. However, Chennai International Airport offers more convenient connections and services.

Reaching Sriharikota by rail – The closest railway station to Sriharikota is Sullurpeta Railway Station, situated about 23 kilometres away. Regular trains from major Indian cities like Chennai and Hyderabad connect to Sullurpeta. Once you reach the station, you can hire a taxi or book a car rental to reach the spaceport island.

Reaching Sriharikota by road: If you prefer a road trip, you can drive to Sriharikota from major cities in South India. The island is well-connected by road, and you can use the NH-16 (previously known as NH-5) that runs along the eastern coast. Alternatively, you can hire a taxi or use long-distance bus services from nearby towns and cities. Bangalore to Sriharikota is a route often explored by road trippers to travel to the island. 

Permits and access: Keep in mind that access to Sriharikota is restricted due to the sensitive nature of the ISRO facilities. Tourists and visitors are generally allowed during scheduled rocket launches or by obtaining prior permission through the ISRO website. Ensure you have the necessary permits and follow any safety guidelines for the specific day of your visit.

Local transportation: While exploring the island and its surroundings, you can hire local taxis, auto-rickshaws, and cycle rickshaws. Renting a full-day vehicle is one of the best options if you want more flexibility in your travel.

Best time to visit Sriharikota

The best time to visit Sriharikota is from November to February, during the winter months when the weather is pleasantly cool and dry. This is the perfect time to explore the island, enjoy its natural beauty and visit local attractions. Moreover, this season coincides with some of the most anticipated rocket launches at the Satish Dhawan Space Centre. This presents an excellent opportunity for visitors to witness the awe-inspiring spectacles of space exploration. However, it is crucial to check ISRO’s launch schedule and obtain any necessary permits to view the launch, as they often attract large crowds.

Hotels and resorts to stay in Sriharikota

Sriharikota, a destination that beautifully marries science and nature, offer various accommodation options to suit different tastes and budgets. From cosy hotels to budget-friendly guesthouses, you can find a place to stay while exploring the island and its unique charm. These accommodations offer a comfortable and convenient stay while you explore the island’s attractions, including the Satish Dhawan Space Centre and the serene Sriharikota Beach. Be sure to book in advance, especially during peak travel seasons or rocket launch events, to secure your place in this unique corner of India.

Here’s a handy table of some of the accommodations available, including their approximate distances from the city centre and contact information:

Accommodation nameApproximate distance from the city centreContact number
Hotel SRM GrandeursApproximately 32 km from the city centre+91 91767 21767
Sri Lakshmi PalaceApproximately 22.5 km from the city centreNot available
Hotel Smart City Park InnApproximately 32.5 km from the city centre+91 94935 69106
Swathi ResidencyApproximately 38.8 km from the city centre+9173829 38566
Comfort Stay Apart HotelApproximately 41.6 km from the city centre+9176600 11157

Highest road trips taken from Sriharikota

For road-trippers, Sriharikota is a prime launchpad for exploring South India’s varied landscapes. Each road trip, be it to vibrant Chennai, the architectural gems of Mahabalipuram, or spiritual Tirupati, offers a distinct experience. Whichever route you choose, the roads leading from Sriharikota promise memorable adventures and the opportunity to discover the rich tapestry of South India’s culture and landscapes.

LocationDistance from Sriharikota
Sriharikota to Vellore130 km
Sriharikota to Bangalore360 km
Sriharikota to Ooty350 km
Sriharikota to Mysore370 km
Sriharikota to Tiruvannamalai160 km

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The official website for Satish Dhawan Space Centre

Sriharikota, on India’s eastern coast, uniquely marries science’s power with nature’s allure. The island showcases rocket launches from the Satish Dhawan Space Centre, serene beaches, and historic temples.Delve into its history and culture, and you’ll find a rich tapestry of experiences, from stargazing to savoring local dishes. It also serves as a launchpad for road trips to surrounding gems. In Sriharikota, science and serenity coexist, offering a snapshot of India’s storied past and dynamic future. Whether a space buff or a nature aficionado, this destination promises an unforgettable exploration of its diverse wonders.

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