#60DaysOfSummer – Paragliding in Manali

If you’re looking for adventure while still being far away from the heat, head to Manali where it’s a cool 18 degrees right now and there’s plenty of paragliding to be done.

While you’re there, take a paragliding course in Solang Valley, a little distance away from Manali. You get to try your hand at paragliding with the help of an experienced trainer. There are a number of spots from where you get a view of Solang Forest, Kullu Valley and Solang Resort, so there’s plenty to choose from.

The best season for paragliding in Manali is in the summer when the breeze is gentle enough to help you sail and the aerial view of the valley is clear and spectacular. You can even plan on exploring all possible paragliding spots along the Manali, Kullu and Solang valleys.


Book a cab from Delhi to Manali and then take the cab further to Solang Valley if you wish to do the paragliding course there.


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