#Homecoming With Savaari this Diwali


#Homecoming with Savaari is a campaign very dear to us and here’s why it is!

After a couple of months of launching our one-way car rentals, we identified a very specific group of customers that was dealing with an issue that probably went unnoticed amongst a pool of problems the pandemic overwhelmed us with. This segment was of pregnant women and new mothers and the issue was social isolation.

Due to the risks involved in traveling, their mobility and social interactions with family were severely affected. So much so that these women hadn’t met their own parents in over 8 months.

Even when restrictions on travel were lifted, these women were unable to commute since public transportation options were extremely risky for them as well as their babies. Women needing last-mile connectivity were at a much higher disadvantage than mothers in big cities.

According to our data, 5 in 7 mothers were uncomfortable traveling with kids during the pandemic, 57% of young and expecting mothers haven’t met their family in 6 months, 83% of moms said they felt safer using car rentals compared to using buses and trains.

Hence, when Savaari expanded its one-way commute across 5 lakh routes in India, we received some overwhelming concerns from this segment of women. They went on to share their grievances about the limited safe and affordable commute options to their hometowns (tier-II or III cities) and their inability to meet old parents in smaller towns due to the same.

Moved by these safety concerns, Savaari wanted to help. We decided to use our fully sanitized cabs for the greater good. We reached out to 8 famous mommy bloggers on social media to help spread the message of Savaari’s quality of service to their respective followers- a strong network of mothers and young women.

With our lowest one-way fares in the industry and an additional 10% discount to these super mothers, we helped them get home safe and just in time for an intimate Diwali celebration. After all, what’s Diwali without family! Therefore, #HomeComingwithSavaari started a week before Diwali to help these ladies celebrate togetherness with family.

Here are a few anecdotes from the campaign that we are very happy to share with our readers – 

1. Deepa Gandhi aka kreativemommy

2. Chhaya Chaudhari aka ayanandmumdiaries

3. Sonal Vinayka aka momma_and_peanut

4. Nidhi Jain aka theshymom

5. Madhurima aka trippingmommy

6. Bhakti Kotwal aka themomflair

7. Ritika Malik aka me_with_my_sonshine

8. Rajeshwari aka missrasika

Help us connect with mothers who could use our one-way car rentals for their special #Homecoming. Call us on 09045450000 or drop us a mail at orders@savaari.com. Traveling should not be a privilege. 

Write to us about how we can help you at travelnews@savaari.com.
Travel Safely.

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#HomeComing With Savaari this Diwali
Article Name
#HomeComing With Savaari this Diwali
#HomeComingwithSavaari started a week before Diwali to help these ladies celebrate togetherness with family. Here are a few anecdotes from the campaign that we are very happy to share with our readers
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