Best Iftar Food in these 5 Cities of India

Ramadan is the most important festival for Muslims around the world. Celebrated in the ninth month of the Muslim calendar, Ramadan is all about fasting to purify one’s soul and helping the needy. It is believed that if Ramadan is properly observed by a Muslim, it brings him closer to Allah. The festival marks a period of restraint and the main essence is the purification of one’s soul, refocusing of one’s attention on the important things and the practicing of self-discipline.

The true essence of Ramzan is purifying one’s body of all unhealthy habits, thoughts and intentions. It is one of those festivals where love, care and respect is felt in the air and the world becomes a better place for the poor and the less fortunate. Ramdan in 2019 will be observed from the 5th of May till the 4th of June.

If you have lived in India, you must be aware of the feasting that takes place after sundown. Not just Muslims, but people of all cultures and religions partake in delectable and extravagant Iftar spreads. Some of the best cities to enjoy Ramadan special Iftar food are –

1. Hyderabad

Ramzan in Hyderabad is quite grand. Hyderabadi Biryani at Hotel Shadab, Charminar serves the best authentic Hyderabadi Biryani in the entire city and because of Ramzan, the crowd outside this place is unimaginable.


If you have no idea what haleem is and are curious to try it, you have to head to Shah Ghouse for the best haleem served in Hyderabad. Haleem is a pounded meat dish that’s ladled with broken wheat, barley and lentils, and is a signature dish during Ramzan. You will have to battle your way through a neverending line of customers before digging into this extremely rich and nutritious savory.


No festival in India is celebrated without a huge variety of sweets. Some of the desserts served at Pista House are Shahi Tukda and Sheer Korma. Along with these, the huge variety of Barfis make it impossible to not get tempted.



Mosque Road is quite popular during Ramzan in Bangalore for some of the best iftar food. Even though the number of stalls has drastically reduced, it still is a very popular stop among the foodies in the city. Restaurants like Empire and Karama put up their own stalls right outside the restaurant. This road serves the best Paya Bun with Paya Curry.


Make room for some camel meat and Patthar ka Ghosht which are put up every year during Ramzan.


Makkah Cafe in Bangalore serves real crispy, overloaded keema samosas. If you are lucky you may also get to taste another special dish from their menu –  harira. Grab a glass of hot harira which is not on their everyday menu.


Stop at Fanoos for an amazing variety of huge, jumbo rolls that are loaded with kebab pieces. These tender, juicy kebabs along with a choice of bread are a very popular quick snack during Ramzan. The taste is heavenly too.


There isn’t an alternative for Albert Bakery. This very old shop in Bangalore serves the best goat brain puffs, mutton samosas and coconut and khoya naan. A helpful tip, head to this bakery early as stocks don’t last.


To try the best Haleem in Bangalore, head to Tilaknagar’s Paani Kum Chai. Dont miss out on some great biryani at The Taj and gulp all of this down with some creamy lassi, sherbat and a whole lot variety of mango drinks.


Kormangala is an extremely crowded area for iftar food. The roads are lined up with stalls put up by restaurants like Empire and independent home-makers, who set up shop solely during Ramzan. This busy area will offer everything from shrimp, malai kebab, camel meat, patthar ghosht to haleem.


Shivaji Nagar is also a decent option to try some amazing kalmi kebabs, coconut naan, phirni, pineapple halwa and some heavenly sevayi.



Kolkata is a paradise for Biryani lovers. Calcutta biryani is quite famous. Some of the best places to try Calcutta biryani during Ramzan are Aminia, Arsalan and Royal Indian Hotel.


Immerse yourself in the divine taste of mutton razela at Sabir’s Restaurant in the old lanes of Chandni Chowk Street.


The wide variety of kebabs in Zakaria Street will give you the true taste of iftar food in this little corner of Kolkata. Kebabs here are as cheap as INR 20.



One of Mumbai’s signature Iftar dishes has to be the seekh kebab you get at Al-Madina. Relish these with some lime, mint and warm pao.


Head straight to Jaffar Bhai’s Delhi Durbar for some mouth-watering Haleem and Biryani.


Hajji Tikkas in Bohri Mohalla will spoil you with tender, juicy kebabs. Must try- Khiri Kebabs and Kofta Kebabs.


For some sweetness, one cannot go wrong with some amazing phirni at Suleiman Usman Mithaiwala (near Minara Masjid).


One of the most famous pitstops in Mumbai for iftar food has to be Noor Mohammadi. Here the century-old recipes have only gotten better with time. Some of the most popular dishes here are – Sanju Baba Chicken, Chicken Hakimi, Tandoori Chicken dunked in a tasty marinade and Shami Kebabs. So this iftar season, book a car in Mumbai and go on a hogging spree!



Ramzan in Delhi is not just a festival, it is an experience. Old Delhi is a paradise for food lovers any day, but during Ramzan the food ascends to unparalleled heights. Relish some amazing fried chicken at Haji Mohd. Hussain Fried Chicken. 

savaari-fried chicken-delhi-ramzan-special

Try the best butter chicken at Aslam Chicken Corner. The kebabs here are epic too. Served with amul butter and mint chutney, one can sample the true taste of heaven under INR 500.


Don’t miss out on some mouth-watering Biryani at Pehalwaan Biryaniwale.


Missing out on the mind-blowing Changezi Chicken is not advisable. Served with a tangy gravy of yogurt, tomatoes and onion, this popular dish has given the restaurant its name.


Famous for its kesar milk, badam milk, lassi and mango and vanilla ice cream, Cool Point is a great place to cleanse your palette and give your body that shot of sugar it is craving as the evening festivities die down.


So this Ramzan, head out to these places and treat your taste buds to a divine experience. Happy Ramzan and happy food hunting!

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Best Iftar Food in these 5 Cities of India
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Best Iftar Food in these 5 Cities of India
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