Beat the Monotony with These Offbeat Road Trips from Delhi

The bustling city of Delhi has a charm of its own. From the heritage of the Old Delhi streets to the traffic of the city centre – every corner of the city tells a story of the past. However, when the fast-paced life in the heart of the country gets a little too much, the hearts of the ones living here crave an escape. And what’s better than a road trip to places unknown! We are talking about the ones that are still saved from the tyranny of commercialization. 

Without much further ado, let’s get right into it! Here is your curated list of road trips from Delhi. So, give yourself that well-deserved break and enjoy that laid-back vacation!


Situated amidst the quaint hills of Uttarakhand, 2298 metres above sea level, Munsiyari is a small village that serves as the base camps for several treks. The village offers a picturesque view of the Himalayan range. It is mostly famous for the Panchchuli peaks which is a group of five peaks at an altitude of around 6000 metres. Some of the incredibly breathtaking Himalayan treks such as the Milan trek, Ramik trek and Nalam trek begin here. 

Munsiyari is a treat for bird watchers as the village sees a lot of migratory birds visiting them. Carry your binoculars with you as you might get to spot a wagtail, raven or a falcon. In fact, some of the areas in the village turn scarlet red between the months of March and April as the Rhodenderon flowers bloom across the village.

The 560 km journey from the capital city will take you through the Himalayan towns of Bageshwar, Nainital and Kausani. The scenic mountain roads make the journey even more fulfilling.

The village of Munsiyari is surrounded by snow-capped mountains. The lifestyle of the people here reflects the customs and culture they have been passing on for generations. The locals are known for their craft. Thus, taking home a hand-woven carpet from the local markets is highly recommended. Witness this enchanting beauty to take a break from the bustling noise of the city. 

Best time to visit: March to October. 

Distance from Delhi: 560 Kms

How to reach: Enjoy the scenic road trip by simply booking a cab from Delhi to Munsiyari.


A town as old as time, Neemrana, located in the Alwar district of Rajasthan, is a historic town known for its architectural beauty. 

The main attraction of this place is the Neemrana Fort Palace, a heritage site and also a luxury hotel. From cultural dance and music performances to delicious Rajasthani cuisines to vintage car tours – there is a lot that the Fort Palace has to offer to its guests. The palace timings are between 9 am to 3 pm. The entry tickets cost around INR 284 which can be clubbed with an additional INR 1,416  for a savouring lunch buffet. The prices go up to INR 2000 for the package (entry + lunch buffet) on weekends. You can also stay here for a night by booking one of their best rooms from their online booking website.

When in Neemrana, don’t forget to go for zip-lining. There are 5 zip-lines conducted by Neemrana Flying Fox adventure which are up to 400 metres long. Glide above the town of Neemrana and get a stunning view of the Aravalli mountain ranges. To make the most out of your visit to this countryside town, go for a camel ride. To end your tiring but happening day, head out to explore the local markets to take home a handmade souvenir for your friends, family and yourself!

Best time to visit: July to March

Distance from Delhi: 120 km 

How to reach: The road trip from Delhi to Neemrana takes about 2 hours 45 minutes. You can hire an experienced chauffeur driven cab for a hassle-free road trip experience.


So, you are tired of your mundane day-to-day routine and looking for a laid-back holiday where you can clear your head, maybe also make some plans along the way? Well then, you should take a road trip to a village tucked in between the lush green Pin-Parvati Valley, Kasol.

Next on our suggestions of road trips from Delhi is Kasol. Kasol serves as the base camp of some of the most thrilling treks of Himachal Pradesh including Kheerganga Trek, Sar Pass Trek, Chalal Trek, and Pin Parvati Pass Trek. It is best known for its quaint cafes and picturesque views. Visit the pristine lakes and hot springs in Manikaran, 6km from Kasol or try the local rice beer. You could also set up a camp in any of the camping sites here and spend your night stargazing.

And when you are done with visiting all the local areas, markets and beautiful cafes, head out into the wild. Kheerganga trek is something you cannot miss when you are here. The feeling of dipping your tired feet in the hot water springs when you reach the top is exhilarating! 

If you have another day to yourself then definitely pay a visit to Tosh village. Popular for cannabis plantations, Tosh village offers breathtaking views of the snow-capped Himalayan range. To your surprise, you will find delicious Israeli cuisine here. Due to many Israeli tourists visiting Kasol-Tosh, the villages have adapted themselves to serve their guests with the best.

Best time to visit: October-June

Distance from Delhi: 520 km

How to reach: The 500 km drive passes through rough terrains with breathtaking views making it one of the popular road trips from Delhi. To ensure that your journey is smooth, simply book a taxi from Delhi to Kasol, sit back and enjoy your drive.

Morni, Haryana

Longing for a weekend getaway that is not too far but also away from the dense crowds? If yes, then the Morni Hills of Haryana might be the calling for you. One of the most underrated hill stations, Morni Hills offers scenic views of the Shivalik range to its tourists. 

3,600 feet above sea level, the hill station is known for its rich flora and fauna. Spend your day camping on the side of the pristine lakes of this place, collecting pine cones from the forests nearby. If you are lucky you will get to spot a hyena or a jungle cat. Carry your binoculars and your best camera gear to capture the stills of the rare birds including quails and sand grouse.

The Thakurdwara Temple has a Trimurti (the Hindu Trinity) which is said to date back to the 12th century AD. The locals still follow the age-old rituals keeping the culture of the place alive. If it all seems too laid-back for you, go on a 1.2 km trek to the Morni Fort. The fort is said to be built in the 17th century and endeavours the beautiful sights of the Shivalik mountains. Adjacent to the fort is an ancient Shiva temple that will give you a quick peek into the history of the place. The descent from the fort is steep so make sure you return before sunset.

Best time to visit: October to April

Distance from Delhi: 250 km

How to reach: The five and a half-hour drive from Delhi to Morni Hills passes through some of the historic and scenic locations of Punjab and Harayana. To visit some of these places on your road trips from Delhi, book a Savaari to get customized recommendations to stop over along the way.

Make your travel seamless with our dedicated Delhi to Dehradun cab service and enjoy a comfortable and stress-free ride, ensuring you reach your destination in style. With Savaari, your road trips are not just journeys but memorable experiences filled with convenience and exploration.

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