5 Best Travel Bloggers in India 2019

Travel is no longer a leisure activity, it has become more of a lifestyle and even a vocation. With more and more people ditching their regular 9 to 5 jobs to travel across the world, some of the top travel bloggers have no regrets! Their social media accounts are testimonials to their never-ending travel plans. One day they are soaking in the beauty of Bhutan through the lens of their iPhones creating the best travel blogs, the next day they are in Kerala enjoying the backwaters with an Amazonian view! Such is life for them. India too has its own elite corps of some top travel bloggers who have been giving us some major travel goals through their popular blogs Here is a list of India’s 5 best travel bloggers who you should be following right away-


Shivya Nath


A storyteller, writer, digital nomad, instagrammer, social entrepreneur, solo traveler, vegan and environmentalist; Shivya Nath is an inspiration for many. In 2011 she quit her corporate job, sold all her possessions and embraced the nomadic lifestyle. There has been no looking back since then. Growing up in Dehradun, she always wanted to explore what lay beyond those mountains. Today she has covered over 30 countries and her personal travel blog, The Shooting Star, has a huge following. Along with this, her popular blogs have also received recognition from top newspaper agencies across the world, the most notable being on the cover page of National Geographic Traveller India. Nath’s book, The Shooting Star became a national bestseller within a month. The pictures that decorate the wall of her social media accounts have made our Sundays seem empty. This female blogger is a true inspiration for the ones who have been meaning to leave it all behind to travel the world but don’t have the courage to do so.


Mridula Dwivedi


A professor by profession and a traveler at heart, this is Mridula’s story. With a Ph.D. from IIT Kanpur, Mridula quit her job in 2015 and has been the happiest since then! This globetrotter has been featured in BBC and The Guardian within months of launching her travel blog, ‘Travel Tales from India & Abroad’. One of the best female travel bloggers of 2019, Mridula’s favorite destination are the great Himalayas, be it in India, Nepal or Bhutan. Mridula, through her personal blogs, shows us how we can pursue a career as well as chase our passion without compromising on either.


Ajay Sood


Traveling alone since the age of 9, Ajay is one of India’s top travel bloggers. A brilliant photographer, Ajay’s popular blogs are adorned by beautiful pictures of incredible landscapes, gorgeous and exotic streets, magnificent architecture and snapshots of unique cultural experiences. His travel blog, Travelure, started in May 2015 and is now featured among the top blogs of India, 2019. It started as an aggregation of articles on travel and photography, which later got published in in-flight publications like Condé Nast Traveller, Huffington Post, JetWings, Travel3Sixty°, Smart Photography, Taj Magazine, GoGetter, etc. It is safe to conclude that Sood has covered almost all continents on this globe, however, Iceland stands his favorite destination to this day. One of the mantras he swears by – Leave behind only footsteps. Bring back only memories, inspires him to never stop traveling. Excuse me while I go check my bank balance!


Neelima Vellangi


Among the top travel bloggers in India, Neelima is a brilliant photographer. Her travel blogs are full of pictures that breathe life into the viewer. Describing herself as a trekker and an adventurer, Neelima has an infinite love for the mountains. Her obsession with traveling started in 2008 when she traveled to Ladakh with her family. She has not been able to stop herself since then. Regarded as the top female bloggers in India, Neelima’s popular blogs have captured her stalking a snow leopard in Ladakh, snorkeling in one of the world’s most pristine coral reefs, hiking for a whole month in Turkey, exploring the vast steppes of Mongolia by a truck for weeks, spending a lot of time in the snowfields and slopes of Himalayas! Her travel stories are well documented in ‘A Wandering Soul’s Wandering Tales’. Go follow her right away if you haven’t already!


Archana Singh


An award-winning photographer and storyteller, Archana Singh’s personal blogs, Travel See Write, are extremely popular. Coming from an army background, Archana has been traveling alone since she was a little kid, but her solo trip to Europe in 2012 completely changed her outlook. Her precious advice to the people wanting to travel the world is “to be more humble and grounded”. Of all the countries she has visited, she has loved Japan the most. The harmonious blend of culture and modernity is what captured her heart. Singh is one of the top female travel bloggers who travels for the love of travel and not just in to populate her instagram feed. And you should too! According to this famous travel blogger, happiness is real, only when shared!


Looking at the world through the lens of these best travel bloggers of India has inspired many to pack their bags and leave for a solo trip. Travel is a new addiction and the appetite to travel just keeps growing. Book a cab from Savaari for a hassle-free travel experience. The world out there is infinite and has so much to offer and we have just a tiny amount of time to discover it!

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Top 5 Travel Bloggers of India We Should be Following
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Top 5 Travel Bloggers of India We Should be Following
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