Travel Reboot – A Guide to Upcoming Travel Trends in 2021


It is time to finally do a Travel Reboot in 2021! Here’s why-

It is easy to describe 2020. A year that was for all of us – of countless days in sweats, unmade beds, unwashed hair, multiple lockdowns, night curfews, and a year of endless self-isolation. But with the year now fading, there is room for better days ahead, the hope of promising vaccines to bring back “the normal” we knew and grew up in.

There is a lot to look forward to, but more than anything there is a strong desire to travel again, to step outside again, to breathe outside without masks that only leave our eyes, meet people, live life. Countless people are looking at 2021 with the hope to live life without regrets and cancelled travel plans. Sensing the pulse of the tired, overworked, nerve-shaken people, 2021 will be all about travel as if to make up for all that was robbed last year.

What is Travel Reboot?

It is only fair to talk about “Travel Reboot”, a campaign to inspire people to step outside again, to travel again. Travel Reboot is the sheer hard work of travel enthusiasts working at Savaari. Their only aim is to bring to you places you can travel to, even during the pandemic. You could be a yoga instructor, a book lover, an artist, or even a painter, and these well-researched and well-thought blogs will introduce you to places hidden in your own city or a few hundred kilometers from home.


We do not wish for you to travel far for now, but we do wish for you to travel. Our city wise recommendations are perfect for your weekend getaways with friends and family. Along with travel recommendations to soothe your wanderlust feels, we also ensure to update you with covid era intel so as to make your holidays covid-proof. Be it tips, latest travel news, suggestions, or undertaking road travel, this is your one-stop to gift yourself a safe holiday.

Why Travel Reboot?

“A year spent indoors is a year wasted!”. There is still a lot of stigma around traveling, and which is why we are here to tell you just how safe traveling is if you could follow our tips and suggestions. Pandemic did not just give us monotony, it also brought with it loneliness and social isolation. Perhaps, one of the major reasons for starting our campaign, Travel Reboot, was to break it down to you how important travel is for our mental health and well-being, especially after the pandemic.


With the work from home routine becoming a more or less permanent part of our lives, the lack of a better place to relax and unwind has been a major blow to our recreational world. And that is where travel will justly and rightly fill the void for us. Also, research shows having a trip planned in the near future has a positive impact on our mental health.

Travel Reboot as a campaign is not just about restarting travel, it is about reminding people to look at places in their backyards with a different set of binoculars. The campaign aims to remind people that they do not have to travel very far for a holiday. It does not matter where you live or work, Travel Reboot will educate you with places you could head to for a short break and enjoy a peaceful holiday. 

What to expect from Travel Reboot?

A two-part series, Travel Reboot will bring to you exciting weekend getaway recommendations that are a few hundred kilometers from your home. We will ensure you travel safe so be ready with a set of covid reminders too. There will be a lot of useful information on how you can travel safe, tips, and suggestions. We will also be bringing you some fancy travel trends that are going to dominate 2021, so brace yourself for newer kinds of holidays in 2021. Lastly, road trips are going to dominate the landscape of holidays in India since they are the safest. So be prepared to become a road trip expert if you follow us closely.

We are covid warriors, so wherever your destination is, there will be a cab for you just in case you are too lazy to drive your own vehicle. Also, keeping in mind that international travel is off-limits even in 2021, we will be bombarding you with Indian destinations that are a perfect alternative to famous destinations abroad. You can follow our blogs and media if you have been planning to have a covid safe new year and holidays ahead. 

Let us know your thoughts on the campaign. You can write to us at We would love to hear from you soon.

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Travel Reboot - An Introduction
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Travel Reboot - An Introduction
Travel Reboot as a campaign is not just about restarting travel, it is about reminding people to look at places in their backyards with a different set of binoculars.
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