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Rajasthan’s fairs and festivals are incredibly unique and vibrant. They form an integral part of Rajasthan as well as India’s culture. In other words, they display the true essence of “Incredible India”. And the experience of Rajasthan is never complete unless you get a taste of the myriad fairs and festivals that it has to offer. Come be a part of these upcoming fairs and festivals which are a grand celebration of life, culture, heritage, and nature, in true Rajasthani style. Here are some of the festivals of Rajasthan you must experience at least once in your lifetime. 

Rajasthan International Folk Festival


RIFF is an annual music and art festival for the promotion of traditional folk music and arts. It is celebrated around Sharad Purnima, the brightest full moon night of the year and is a unique celebration of Indian as well as international music at Jodhpur’s Mehrangarh Fort. More than 200 musicians from around the globe attend this festival, making it an absolute treat for music and art lovers. Read more about the Rajasthan International Folk Festival 2019 here.

Dates –  10 – 14 October
Location – Mehrangarh Fort and Museum, Jodhpur

Pushkar Fair

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Pushkar Fair is a spectacular five-day camel and livestock fair held in the town of Pushkar.  Primarily a livestock fair for the buying and selling of camels, the Pushkar fair attracts hordes of tourists making it a true cultural bonanza of art, music, dance, puppet shows, gypsy dance, races, competitions with a host of vendors selling delicious snacks including camel milk cheeses and cakes, jewellery, shawls and other titbits. The entire festive and spiritual atmosphere completely lights up the desert for these five days.
Dates – 4 – 12 November 2019
Location  – On the banks of Pushkar Lake

Mount Abu Winter Festival

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Celebrated to showcase the warmth and culture of the people belonging to the only hill station in Rajasthan, each year Mount Abu celebrates two big festivals – one in May and one in December respectively. These festivals are marked by processions all over the town, followed by a range of competitions, folk dance and music, and dazzling fireworks to celebrate the spirit of the town. A unique combination of divine hospitality and exotic location attracts a large number of tourists during the festival days. You can read about Mount Abu Summer Festival here
Dates – 29 – 31 December 2019
Location – Nakki lake and Pologround, Mt.Abu

Bundi Festival

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The Bundi Utsav is not only a major festival of Rajasthan but also an important festival of India. The otherwise isolated town becomes a bustling one with the Utsav date approaching. The spectacular mix of traditional art, Rajasthani royalty, handicrafts, attires, and home decors can be seen during the two-day festival. The festival has various food stalls, shops selling souvenirs and traditional art.  The festival showcases cultural programs, ethnic sports, Shobha Yatra and the famous Fold Dance. The fireworks display marks the end of the festival and is absolutely breath-taking.  
Dates – November- December
Location – Bundi, Haodati District

Kumbhalgarh Festival

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The Kumbhalgarh festival is a celebration of Maharana Kumbha’s contribution toward art and culture. It is celebrated in Kumbhalgarh Fort every year. This is a 3-day celebration and each day brings with it a unique theme. The Kumbhalgarh Fort is beautifully decorated during this festival Traditional artists are called from different parts of the country to showcase their craftsmanship – from jewelers to potters. Different competitions held each day to amuse the tourists. The festival is a joint venture of the government of Rajasthan and the Department of Tourism to give a true sense of India and Rajasthani culture to the tourists. 
Dates – 1 – 3 December
Location – Kumbhalgarh

Kolayat Fair

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Celebrated on an expansive scale, the Kolayat Fair is one of the prime attractions of the town of Kolayat, located in the district of Bikaner in Rajasthan. The festivities begin at the Kapil Muni Ghat and eventually spread to the other 51 ghats surrounding the Kolayat Lake. According to the local legend, the sacred Kolayat Lake was the site of meditation for a Great Sage named ‘Kapil Muni’. It is believed that Kapil Muni meditated on this ghat for the salvation of mankind. This made the ghat a place of great importance for the people of this town. The fair starts in the early hours of the morning with devotees performing different kinds of rituals at the ghats and taking holy dips in the Kolayat Lake. The main attraction of the Kolayat Fair is the mesmerizing sight of the beautifully decorated ghats of the Kolayat Lake. In the evening, the lake becomes a visual spectacle during the Sandhya Aarti. Earthen-lamps are lit and set afloat on the waters of the lake. A cattle fair is held during the Kolayat Fair for the trade of buffaloes, camels and horses. The best breeders are awarded prizes and certificates.
Dates – 10 – 12 December
Location – Kolayat, Bikaner

These are some of the upcoming fairs and festivals of Rajasthan. You can also read up on Abhaneri Festival which is held every year in August or September here. With so much left to experience, these are surely your best chances of getting a true taste of India’s rich and vibrant culture. Tell us where you are heading this winter. We would not miss Pushkar, for sure! 

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Upcoming Festivals in Rajasthan 2019
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Upcoming Festivals in Rajasthan 2019
Rajasthan fairs and festivals are incredibly unique and vibrant and the experience of Rajasthan is never complete unless you get a taste of the myriad fairs and festivals that it has to offer
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