Working from home – legit perks and benefits

The coronavirus lockdown feels like a mini staycation in our respective homes without consent (see anything without consent is toxic, you guys). A cut off we didn’t ask or wish for.  The entire world looks like it’s straight out of the sets of the movie, I Am Legend. People across the world are working from home, and while most people do not even work from work, the sorry state of our everyday affairs has motivated us to find the silver lining even in the darkest of times (some Dumbledore reference here). But here’s the other side of this shutdown which is a blessing in disguise. While Work from Home is getting unbearable with each passing hour, here are some of the perks of working from home, some legit ones for sure. 

1. No lunchtime with your annoying colleagues


We all have that one colleague who we cannot see eye to eye. Well, here’s a small detox from that moving, breathing, constantly talking human. 

2. No waking up early


Remember those times you cursed yourself for binge-watching a show on Netflix and showed up late to work? Well, yoho now you only have to wake up ten minutes before you log in. #Whattalife!

3. Traffic? What Traffic?


God, those filthy metros, over-crowded buses, love and hate relationship with Ola and Uber or those never-ending rejections from auto wale bhaiya; they sure don’t bother you anymore, do they? Maybe the only traffic in your house right now would be those beer bottles lying around in your living area from last night’s sudden house party sesh. 

4. You learn the art of deception pretty well


Yeah sure those “7 healthy habits to start your day with” blogs on Medium ask you to take a shower before you start your day, but have you tried wearing a formal shirt on pajamas? We’d suggest you enjoy this time as long as it lasts because you are going to miss those PJs at work. 

5. Multiple lunches


Well, capitalism is the real deal here!  And who decided for mankind that lunchtime was supposed to be only once a day? Our real heroes, the delivery executives, have fed us all so well during this shutdown that a mere plate and spoon cheer would not do justice. And that is not even the best part, while you are on your 5th snack break at 2 PM tearing KFC pieces, nobody will judge you. And gyms are shut, so say no more fam, say no more!

6. Personal hygiene, lol lol

Now that you work from home when was the last time you washed your hair? 

7. Watch Netflix without fear of getting caught


Let’s not hide the fact that you have watched shows on Netflix a countless number of times at work, but with a pounding heart! Like a sly fox, you open multiple tabs, pretend that you are working, you even curl your eyebrows to look serious and busy, but bro we know you are watching something. We see you, fam! However at home, there is probably just your dog staring continuously at you asking for its 40 millionth snack break!

8. Naptime


How many times did you wish you could take a power nap in between heaving working hours? Well, power naps are addictive. Once you get used to it, it’s hard to let go. If you can robotically program your mind to sleep for approximately 20 minutes in between work, then power naps are magic potions. No wonder the Japanese have made it legal. 

While you are at it, do not forget to thank people who have made your work from home easier 🙂 Also, if you are breaking your head on what else to do at home, here are a few tips on how to kill your time better.

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