10 Incredible Places to Visit this Monsoon

Monsoons in India are incredibly beautiful. The inky clouds, the lush greenery, the soft sound of downpour along with abundant freshness in the air make monsoons one of the best times to get away from the cities. Traveling in the monsoons is considered a bit of a pain with the rains perceived as an irritant capable of ruining neatly laid plans. Besides the abundant rainfalls, monsoons also inaugurated the season of discounts. The perks of travelling off-season are far too many and the pleasure of enjoying monsoons in the most beautiful locations is unmatched. Here is our list of some fantastic destinations in India where you should definitely be heading out this monsoon – 

1. Bogatha Waterfalls 


Not many people know about this hidden gem in Telangana. It is true, most places in India come alive during the monsoons and Bogatha Waterfalls exemplify this. About 130 km from Warangal city, Bogatha Waterfalls is also known as Telangana’s Niagara Falls. Otherwise dry, these falls swell up during the rainy season. One can witness a breathtaking cascade of water thundering down the rock-face during these months. A panoramic view of the gushing waterfalls under the monsoon sky is surely a feast to the sore eyes. For an easy traveling experience, you can get a car on rent in Hyderabad

2. Coorg


Your eyes follow patches of coffee and aromatic spice plantations that gently meld into the adjoining forests and wildlife reserves. During monsoon, this landscape, cloaked in varying hues of green, becomes even more enchanting. Monsoons in Coorg are all about – the thick fog reducing visibility to a null, cool breeze dropping the temperature generously, rains lashing from every side throughout the day and the joy of enjoying a hot beverage of your choice sitting in the comfort of a fine homestay or a cottage. Book a taxi from Bangalore to Coorg and make your life easy, especially with the rains and the mist! Coorg has something for everyone. While the adventure junkies like to enjoy the rain outside with some trekking or biking; the quiet nature lovers enjoy the sound of rain beating onto the window with a cup of hot coffee. The exceptionally tall trees, the lush greenery and the sound of a constant downpour make for some of the finest companions.Beware of leeches. 

3. Jaipur 


Rajasthan being a desert state receives the lowest rainfall compared to other parts of the country. Adorned with grand forts, marvelous palaces, vibrant culture, luxurious hotels, and pristine lakes; Jaipur is on everyone’s bucket list. If you wish to avoid the unbearable heat and humid temperatures, Jaipur during the monsoons is not just pleasant, but also extremely beautiful. Drenched in rain, Jaipur looks nothing short of a painting during the monsoons. You can comfortably travel in car by booking a  Delhi to Jaipur cab. 

4. Agumbe


Agumbe is untouched, unexplored and still in its pristine form. The kachha roads, thatched roofs and the coconut trees would take you back to the Malgudi days. Also known as the Cherrapunji of the South, Agumbe is Karnataka’s best-kept secret. Covered mostly in thick rainforests in the Western Ghats, Agumbe is a paradise for both trekkers and those seeking to unwind in the lap of nature. In the months of July and August, the incessant rains, the rainforests covered in thick mist and the carpets of lush greenery make Agumbe just the perfect spot for enjoying the rains. Avail a Bangalore car hire and enjoy your trip in comfort!

5. Dooars 


Spread across the states of West Bengal and Assam, Dooars are the foothills and the floodplains of the Eastern Himalayas in North-Eastern India, with Bhutan as the bordering state. Green picturesque tea gardens amidst a mountainous backdrop, hills wrapped in deep green forests harbouring varied endangered and rare species of flora and fauna; Dooars is a nature lover’s paradise. Locals describe this place as the Gateway to the North-East. You can book a cab directly from Siliguri airport for comfortable and hassle-free transportation. Blessed with some of the best trails that take one through the national parks and wildlife sanctuary, Dooars with their wild untouched beauty and relatively unknown status make for the perfect hideout this monsoon. Don’t forget to carry your waterproof lenses to capture the wildlife here as you may spot the one-horned rhino, leopard, bison, etc. 

6. Alibaug


Alibaug does not receive the same attention as Goa and the other beaches in Southern India. This monsoon, ditch the mainstream options and head to Alibuag for a change. Only about 95 km from Mumbai, the turquoise water, the inky monsoon clouds and the refreshing architecture of Alibaug make for a picture-perfect monsoon getaway. You can easily reach the destination by booking a car on rent in Mumbai. The star attractions in Alibaug are the seagulls flying over the beach to keep you company.

7. Malshej Ghat 


Also in Maharashtra, Malshej Ghat experiences a brilliant transformation during the monsoons. About 127 km from Mumbai, Malshej Ghat is a mountain pass known for picturesque trails and orchards of mulberries that flourish at their best during the rainy season. From surreal landscapes and flamingos to the most beautiful waterfalls; Malshej Ghat is an absolute treat to the eyes. So head out for a weekend getaway and enjoy the monsoons in all their glory because monsoons in the Sahyadris can never be dull. Book your Mumbai taxi here. 

8. Dalhousie 


Dalhousie is a perfect destination for those who do not want rains to spoil their travel plans. Nestled in the Himalayas, this town in Himachal Pradesh receives mild rainfall and is perfect for the summer holidays. Dotted with colonial-era buildings, lush green coniferous trees and replete with a surreal view of the Himalayas, Dalhousie is the much-needed break from the mundane city life. Book a Delhi taxi service to comfortably get to Dalhousie. 

9. Zanskar


Zanskar is a small valley in the Eastern part of Ladakh with traces of both Ladakh and Tibetan culture. One of the best times to visit this quaint valley is in July as the snow clears making the roads fully accessible for you to explore this picture-perfect hamlet along with the perfect weather. Zanskar is quite fascinating, to begin with. It features deserts, white glaciers, rivers, tributaries, some of the best trek routes, monasteries and stunning landscape. Offering a perfect mix of relaxation and adventure, Zanskar is a perfect destination to enjoy your monsoons with a stunning view of desert glaciers. Book your cab service here

10. Majuli Islands 

savaari-majuli-islands-monsoon -destinations

Located in the floodplains of the Brahmaputra, Majuli is an island in Assam. The unmatched natural beauty, rich Assamese culture and unparalleled heritage make Majuli a must-visit destination for all nature lovers. Majuli is untouched and unexplored, making it a perfect off-beat destination to enjoy the monsoons in the quiet. Avail a Guwahati taxi service to get to Majuli in ease. 

The monsoons are truly a fine time to travel despite the obvious difficulties and each place comes alive in its own unique way. Make sure you make the most of these monsoons and take some time out to travel to any of these gorgeous destinations.

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Monsoons in India are incredibly beautiful and each place comes alive in its own unique way. Explore some of the best monsoon destinations.
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