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Butterflies in the stomach after that last exam, the arrival of bougainvillaea and watermelons, cricket bats slowly coming out of the attic, lemonade being made in litres and tons of our favourite cartoons.

At some point during summer, the excitement of going on a holiday would take over the household. Were we going to a hill station? Or perhaps a waterfall. Or maybe a short picnic a little distance from the city. It didn’t matter – the excitement of the journey was the same, no matter what the destination was.

The grown-ups figured out getting the bags packed, booking a taxi and figuring out who was sitting where in the car. We were more interested in the fun parts of the trip. Who packed the playing cards for grown-ups and Uno for the kids? Did everyone have a list of songs ready to battle it out during a game of Antakshari? Were everyone’s favourite snacks packed into a giant bag of food that looked like it would explode from the sheer volume of dabbas and packets?

Everyone’s checklist was long, complicated and had its own agenda. The hours just before the journey were always utter chaos. And yet, the moment the keys turned in the ignition, and the car’s engine came to life, everything fell into place. The trip had begun, and despite all the confusion, we could be absolutely sure that this was the best journey we would take in the entire year.

Even after all this time, summer still means nimbu paani, lazy afternoons, evenings spent in parks and yearning for that one summer vacation that we always took with our family. It’s not too late to plan your summer travel. Just finishing college? This may be your last chance to go on an extended break. Work at office getting to you? Take a day-long break somewhere relaxing! And if you’re a parent, you’re probably already planning a whole lot of summer vacation holidays.

Over the next 60 days, we at Savaari will share with you things to do, places to see, and mad adventures to go on. Whether you’re pressed for time, low on cash or looking for a long vacation – we’ve got you covered. We’ll be posting a new activity and destination on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter everyday. You can come back to our blog everyday for these #60DaysOfSummer, or have a weekly digest delivered right to your inbox! All you have to do is sign up below.

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