The ultimate travel bucket list for March in India

Some of the best spots to visit in India in March are the cheerful festivals, pleasant weather, and colourful nature. In India, the month of March symbolises the beginning of the spring season. This time, the country’s gifted nature shows the most colourful scenery. The arrival of spring comes with various celebrations, and if you’re wondering where to go in India in March, don’t worry because we’ve got you covered! Together with their innate beauty, the gorgeous Indians begin to celebrate vibrant colour festivals. As a result, this riot of colour entices visitors to pack their bags and head to beautiful spots in India in March. If you want to experience fresh wind, bright weather, and distinct cultures, then keep reading to learn about the best places to visit in March in India.

Table of Contents

  1. Andretta
  2. Mizoram
  3. Mathura
  4. Lolab valley
  5. Velas
  6. Tadoba
  7. Jaipur
  8. Goa
  9. Arunachal Pradesh
  10. Kerala
  11. Coonoor

1. Find your inner artist in Andretta, Himachal Pradesh

travel bucket list for March in India - Andretta, Himachal Pradesh
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Andretta, a tranquil village and artists’ colony in Himachal Pradesh’s Kangra valley’s Palampur district, is approximately 13 kilometres from Kangra valley’s tea estates. The artists’ colony was formed by Norah Richards, an Irish theatre artist and environmentalist who relocated here from Lahore in the 1920s. Because of its excellent ambience and creative collections, many artists have visited it since then. The best time to visit Andretta Artist Village is in the month of March. Though the weather here is always mild and pleasant, Andretta in March becomes a real treat to witness because the place has a comforting temperature to go for a trek. The Himalayas cover this area, giving it the appearance of a postcard. Click here to know more about the gorgeous artist’s village in India.

Places to visit in in Andretta

  • Sobha Singh Art Gallery. 
  • Bundlamata Temple. 
  • Neugal Khad. 
  • Norah Richard’s house
  • Panchrukhi village market

2. Witness Mizoram come alive during Chapchar Kut

Chapchar Kut is a harvest festival celebrated in anticipation of a golden harvest. The sight of men and women dressed in vibrant traditional attire is extremely mesmerising, making it one of the best places to visit in March in India. Everyone gathers for a massive community festival to sing and dance to the sounds of flutes, cymbals, drums, and gongs.

One of the most memorable aspects of Chapchar Kut is the iconic bamboo dance known as Cheraw, which involves men tapping bamboo sticks to the rhythm of the dance and ladies altering their dance motions with moving sticks. Because Mizoram is home to various tribes, it is a unique experience to see all of the tribesmen and women come together on a shared field to demonstrate their dance or musical talent. Local singers also join the fest to croon the best folk songs. Interestingly, all the performers and participants in this fest leave their footwear behind before joining the ground.

places to visit in India in March

Mizoram is painted in summer hues in March, as it marks the onset of the summer season. The temperature is not too hot during this season, and it lingers around 25 degrees celcius. Called the Land of Blue Mountains, the hills are crisscrossed by gushing rivers and high sparkling waterfalls. With a wide array of festivals, dances, handicrafts, flora and fauna, natural scenic beauty and pleasant climate, Mizoram has much to offer its visitors, making it one of the best places to visit in March in India.

Date of the festival: 03 March 2023

Places to visit in Mizoram:

  • Heritage Village. 
  • Durtlang Hills. 
  • Burrabazar 
  • Mizoram State Museum
  • Khawnglung Wildlife Sanctuary 
  • Vantawng Falls

3. Celebrate Holi in Mathura

Lathmar Holi is popular in Barsana, near Mathura. Every year, thousands of devotees gather here to take part in this festivity. The celebrations are held at the Radha Rani shrine in Barsana. The term ‘lath’ refers to a thick wooden staff. The origins of Lathmar Holi can be traced back to a Hindu narrative about Lord Krishna and Radha. Lord Krishna is supposed to have ridiculed Radha’s acquaintances when he visited her hometown of Barsana. The women drove him out of town because they were offended by his behaviour. Lathmar Holi recreates this story, in which males attempt to defend themselves as women hurl sticks at them.

holi in india

Lathmar Holi celebrations go on for more than a week. Locals commemorate the holiday by dancing, singing, and donning colourful attire. When you’re here, don’t forget to try the Holi special Thandai. You can also go to Mathura and Vrindavan temples. Learn folk tales about the town’s various nooks and crannies. Try the ‘Makhan Mishri’ outside the Banke Bihari shrine and take home the famous ‘Peda’ of Mathura. Shop at local marketplaces for antique handicrafts. Visit the Dolphin World Water Park for a variety of water and dry rides to spice up your vacation. Click here to know how you can make your Braj Ki Holi – celebrations in Mathura and Vrindavan memorable in 2023.

Holi date: 8th March

Places to visit in Mathura

  • Shri Krishna Janmasthan Temple
  • Dwarkadheesh Temple
  • Birla Mandir
  • Govardhan hill
  • Radha Kund
  • Rangji Mandir
  • Kusum Sarovar

4. Discover the ultimate tranquillity in Lolab valley, J&K

Lolab valley

The lovely egg-shaped Lolab Valley is nestled between Kashmir Valley and Neelum Valley. The landscape of this valley is formed by the Lahwal river and is covered with fruit orchards and coniferous trees. The location is easily accessible by road from Srinagar and is home to some Himalayan fauna. This place, which has long been a favourite of mountain and environment enthusiasts, offers a calm presence that allows visitors to disconnect from technology and experience the sound of stillness. Lolab in spring, starting from March, has everything to offer to a nature lover: streams, fresh water, lush green forests and more importantly a sense of love and comfort.

Places to visit in Lolab valley

  • Sogam
  • Diver
  • Chandigam
  • Anderbug
  • Kalaroos
  • Lalpore 
  • Kalaroos Caves 
  • Gangabal Lake 
  • Dachigam National Park

5. Watch Olive Ridley turtles hatch at Velas


If you love everything about ecology, you should not miss the Velas turtle festival. This annual festival in Ratnagiri provides an excellent opportunity for visitors to connect with nature. Every year, the endangered Olive Ridley sea turtles deposit their eggs on the beaches. The Velas Turtle Festival allows guests to experience the full egg-laying and hatching process, making it one of the best places to visit in March in India. There are no specific dates or times for visits. 

You can go anytime during March and enjoy the gorgeous scenery every early morning and late evening. While you’re here, treat yourself to a delicious Konkani lunch. You can also hike to Bankot Fort, whose history dates back to the first century AD. The fort is made of Lateritic rocks, and the view from the top is breathtaking. Here are some things to do in this beautiful little beach town to make your trip unforgettable.

Places to visit in Velas

  • Velas beach
  • Velas village
  • Velas Shiv temple 
  • Bankot Fort 

6. Bask in the wilderness in Tadoba, Maharashtra

Tadoba National Park

Unexplored and abundantly blessed with plenty of wildlife. Tadoba National Park, Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve, Tadoba Lake, Erai dam, Moharli and Khosla village are all located in Maharashtra. It is known as the ‘Gem of Vidarbha’. Tadoba is one of India’s best-kept Tiger Reserves and the largest in Maharashtra, making it ideal for wildlife getaways and time away from cities. Go on safari or remain in the forest. March is the greatest month to visit the national park as it’s the best time to spot a lot of tigers because the area’s true beauty is at its height. Click here to know more about Tadoba National Park.

Places to visit in Tadoba

  • Erai Dam 
  • Kolsa 
  • Moharli 
  • Tadoba lake

7. Feel the royal Rajputana grandeur at Elephant Festival

Jaipur elephant festival

The Elephant Festival is an annual event hosted in Pink City, Jaipur, India, making it one of the best places to visit in March in India. It is observed the day before Holi. The magnificent festival’s architecture is inextricably linked to Rajasthan’s traditional colours. The elephant embellishments, which are the main attraction during this event, not only draw Indians but also visitors from all over the world. The elephants and their mahouts are given special treatment throughout the occasion. The elephants are adorned regally, with expensive rugs and jewellery, and their bodies are intricately painted. Only female elephants, however, are permitted to take part in the coveted procession. Rajasthan Tourism organises this festival, which has now become an important factor in its annual events schedule. Following the event, you can visit a variety of beautiful destinations in Jaipur, for which this detailed travel guide may be useful.

Places to visit in Jaipur

  • Jaipur Palace
  • Jantar Mantar
  • Jal Mahal
  • Hawa Mahal
  • Albert Hall Museum

8. Watch the colours of springs come alive in Goa

Shigmo in Goa

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: anytime is a terrific time to visit Goa! The yearly Shigmo Festival, on the other hand, is all the more reason to call up your friends and resurrect the Goa plans you put on hold the last time. Shigmo Festival is the finest time of year to visit if you want to experience Goa’s culture. See the splendour of Goan traditional folk dances, music, and food as amazing street dancers and floats embellish Goa’s already lovely streets. 

The annual Shigmo street procession brings the colours of spring to the streets of Panjim, making it one of the best places to visit in March in India. Other parts of Goa, such as Margao, Mapusa, Vasco, and Ponda, hold similar parades. Don’t forget to see the old Latin quarters of Fountainhas when in Panjim. Take a stroll through the Portuguese streets, which are lined with ancient, colourful residences on both sides. Renting a chauffeur-driven car in Goa with Savaari will help capture the true essence of travelling with a hassle-free and comfortable journey. 

Places to visit in Goa

  • Fontainhas
  • Palolem Beach
  • Benaulim Beach
  • Cavelossim Beach
  • Basilica of Bom Jesus
  • Divar Island
  • Mandrem
  • Bogmalo heart shaped lake
  • Mangrove BoardWalk

Here’s a visual travel guide curated by Savaari to help you add a wide variety of adventures and retreats to your itinerary that is sure to leave you in awe.

9. Celebrate the customs of the Apatani tribe at the Myoko festival in Arunachal Pradesh

Ziro is a settlement located in the calm valleys of Arunachal Pradesh. Besides being well-known for its rice production, the pine-clad settlement also serves as the home of the Apatani tribes. It is also the location of the Myoko Festival. The different tribes who live in the Apatani villages celebrate the Myoko celebration. It’s all about keeping the spirit of unity and camaraderie alive in these villages, and they take turns celebrating it, making it one of the best places to visit in March in India.

best places to visit in March in India - Myoko festival in Arunachal Pradesh
Image credit: Nick Mayo Photography

The Myoko festival is held by eight Apatani communities in turn. It is also the time of year when new paddy is planted in the field, and villagers pray for a bountiful harvest in the coming months. Every year, a different tribe celebrates the 10-day event, which takes place between March 20 and March 30.

Places to visit in Arunachal Pradesh

  • Tawang
  • Ziro Valley
  • Roing
  • Sela Pass
  • Namdapha National Park
  • Bomdila
  • Dirang

10. Watch elephants parade majestically at the Paripally Gajamela Festival in Kollam, Kerala 

best places to visit in March in India - Kollam, Kerala 

In March, visit Kodimoottil Bhagavathy Temple to take part in the vibrant Gajamela Festival. At the Parippally Gajamela, a component of the annual festival at the Kodimoottil Sree Bhagavathy Temple devoted to Goddess Bhadrakali, up to 50 caparisoned elephants parade majestically as a devotion to the deity. As part of this celebration, a variety of cultural programmes are held on the temple grounds for the enjoyment of devotees. On the final day of the ten-day festival, the elephants are paraded. The best way to revel in the festivities is by booking a cab from Trivandrum to Kollam for a comfortable journey. 

Festival starting date: 12 March, 2023

Places to visit in Kollam

  • Jatayu’s Earth Centre 
  • Thangassery Lighthouse
  • Palaruvi Falls  
  • Sasthamkotta Lake 
  • Kollam Beach 
  • Ashtamudi Lake

11. Explore the hills, meadows and verdant valleys in Coonoor

best places to visit in March in India - Coonoor

Coonoor, the typical hill station with vistas, waterfalls, lakes, gardens, tea farms, and colonial-style architecture is blessed with the spectacular flora and animals of the Nilgiris Hills. It is Tamil Nadu’s second-largest mountain destination. Coonoor, which is barely 20 kilometres from its sister town of Ooty, is frequently included in Ooty vacation. But, with its own distinct culture and magnificent landscape, the hill town of Coonoor is worth a special trip. Coonoor has a plethora of places to explore, so we recommend booking a car rental in Coonoor to comfortably explore the hill station. The months of March through May are great for experiencing spring blooms and fresh vegetation.

Places to visit in Coonoor

  • Sim’s Park Coonoor 
  • Dolphin’s Nose
  • Ketty Valley 
  • Lamb’s Rock 
  • Law’s Falls 
  • Droog Fort 
  • St. George’s Church

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If you want to experience bright weather and distinct cultures, then keep reading to learn about the best places to visit in March in India.
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