Top 8 Places to Visit in India in Winter

When we think of India, all sorts of stereotypes crop up in our heads. India being a tropical country is usually perceived as hot, humid and dusty. While we do agree that summers in India can get brutal, but winter adventure in India are definitely an exciting affair. The majestic Himalayas covered in snow, the winter sun, the innumerable treks in the north, skiing amidst the most breathtaking landscape – it surely cannot get any better.  

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India with its equally exciting topography has so much to offer to the adventure junkies. Be it summers or winters, India has something for the adventure junkies all 365 days of the year. Here are some thrilling winter destinations in India you should definitely head to if you are in the mood for some crazy, epic adventure in winters-

Tourist Places in India for Winter

1. Auli, Himachal Pradesh

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Keeping the boring details aside, let’s get to the exciting part now. Auli has some of the most stunning slopes in the world that are ideal for winter skiing in India. Dotted with oak and deodar forests, skiing here feels like being on the sets of the movie Narnia. The jaw-dropping views of the Himalayan mountains are sure to stay with you for days on end. And even if your skiing skills miserably failed you, you still have the gorgeous treks to satiate your heart as Auli is the base of a few winter as well summer treks that are both exhilarating and alluring. 

2. Solang Valley, Himachal Pradesh

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Solang Valley near Manali is one of the most popular places in India for the lovers of adventure. This place is a happening paradise both in summers as well as winters. Fun fact – workshops of various ski levels are organized here for enthusiasts and tournaments for pros. So if you are a pro, test your skills amidst the most stunning landscape and be prepared for the most magical time of your life. If you visit Manali in summers, do try paragliding here.  For a hassle-free commute, book your taxi here.

3. Narkanada, Himachal Pradesh

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Narkanda is one of Himachal’s higher hill stations popular for snow-boarding. For real, guys! Snow-boarding in India is a real thing. Narkanada is also one of those destinations that do not get the usual touristy crowd. So if you wish to avoid the tourist rush head to Narkanda. The slopes here have had a long tradition of snow sports, especially skiing and snowboarding. 

4. Manali, Himachal Pradesh

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One of the best tourist places in India for winter, it is a sin to miss out on Manali. Indians love Manali. Be it winters or summers, Manali is visited all throughout the year. Manali’s slopes covered in thick layers of snow shine brightly for all – first-timers, amateurs, pros – Nobody will be left out in Manali! January and February in Manali are the best time for snow sports. There will be many eager professionals and guides willing to give you a course or two. One can also experience the thrill of heli-skiing in locations around Manali like Rohtang Pass. Save up your energy for all the adventure waiting for you by traveling in comfort with Savaari. Book your Manali taxi now.

5. Munsiyari, Uttarakhand

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A word of caution – you have to be extremely fit if you’re thinking of heading in the direction of Munsiyari. Munsiyari is popular among high altitude trekkers, nature enthusiasts, glacier watchers, as well as mountaineers. If you are a beginner, abort mission!

6. Dayara Bugyal, Uttarakhand

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A vacation in Dayara Bugyal is for trekkers. Dayara Bugyal is a picturesque camping site along a lake called Barnala Tal. While the cold is brutal, the mind-blowing views offered here are worth all of that pain. 

7. Chadar, Ladakh 

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With temperatures as low as -35 degrees Celsius, the Zanskar river (Tsarap River) freezes to form a sheet of ice, thus making the whole Zanskar trek nothing short of an incredible adventure. Walking on the frozen river makes you feel like Jesus briefly, but you slip, slide and at times fall flat on your face. However, the chilly experience, and beautiful sights of the frozen river and the Shanti Stupa make up for all the pain and discomfort. Also, remember to undertake the Chadar Trek in Ladakh only if you are physically fit and can withstand extreme temperatures. Book your Ladakh taxi now.

8. Snow Leopard Trek, Ladakh

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To all the adventure junkies out there, the Snow Leopard Trek is an experience you ought to add to your bucket list. The trek starts and ends in Leh and will surely be one of the most colorful and ridiculously gorgeous treks you would have ever undertaken. Also visit our Ladakh travel guide, where you can check out exciting things to do in Ladakh.

Check out these winter destinations in India which are known for ski-ventures. So go, get going and enjoy winters till it lasts! Pack all that you need to keep yourself warm because it’s about to get quite chilly up there. 

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Top 8 Places in India for Crazy Winter Adventure
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Top 8 Places in India for Crazy Winter Adventure
Here are some places you should definitely head to if you are in the mood for some crazy, epic winter adventure in India
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