9 Amazing Farm Stay Resorts in India

“Thousands of tired, nerve-shaken, overcivilized are beginning to find out going closer to nature is going home, that wilderness is a necessity”.

John Muir

City life can get a little overwhelming at times. City dwellers of today, living in congested over-populated spaces, crave more for a simpler, easier life. Farm tourism as a tourism trend can trace its popularity to this yearning for a pastoral idyll and this desire to connect with nature. More and more of the urban middle class yearns for authentic experiences of rural life where they get to soak in the freshness of nature in the truest sense of the term. If you are looking to celebrate the holiday season in peace and quietude with your near and dear head to these organic farm stay resorts for a true connect with nature –

1. Kisan Eco Farm

Kisan Eco Farmstay

Kisan Eco Farm is located just 45 kms from Mumbai on the Mumbai-Nashik Highway at Vasind. The farm is a lush green area spread across 3 acres, with organic mango and other fruit plantations, containing six lavish cottages; twin cottages with ultramodern facilities, a wooden cottage with rustic wooden interiors, Eco cottage and a master cottage. The farm has a variety of farm animals like ducks, turkeys, hen, rabbits, and it’s home to a host of wild birds. The location of the farm is blessed with a wonderful river basin and a small forest hill for mesmerizing the sunset and sunrise view.

Touch the earth, feel the freshness, know your food and sing in chorus with the birds. Explore the unblemished countryside life! Let your kids pet the rabbits, run behind ducks, and feed the chickens. Relax and breathe fresh air amid pure, pristine environment that preaches sustainability. Enjoy a luxurious stay at the farm in aesthetically designed cottages and get organic meals served thrice a day.

Rates – INR 3000 per person per night including all meals.

2. Destiny Farm stay, Ooty

Located 35 km away from Ooty, Destiny Farm Stay is an extremely self-sufficient resort with stables, a couple of loyal watchful dogs, hens, cows for fresh dairy products and a huge variety of herbs and vegetables grown in the backyard garden. One can sit back and relax in the garden and watch the playful rabbits, geese living in their own sweet world without a care. You can also try your hands at adventure sports like Rappelling, valley crossing, outdoor games, golf putting, hiking, camping and horse-riding with the trainers provided by the resort staff. What makes this farm stay so popular is the gorgeous view it offers of the lake, the beautiful hills and the perpetual vista of low hanging clouds that afford shade from the mountain sun.
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Rates – INR 13, 500 per night including breakfast and taxes.

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3. Maachli Farm Stay Resorts, Maharashtra

Situated in Parule village on the far south Konkan Coast of Maharashtra, Maachli farm stay near Mumbai gives you a divine experience. As the name suggests, Maachli means “elevated huts” in the local Malvani language, and living here truly brings one closer to nature. This farm stay resort is perfect for those who are looking for some much-needed peace and quiet and the landscape, painted only in shades of green, is indeed a sight for sore eyes. Built deep within nature, the farm stay resort is surrounded by betel nut, banana, coconut and spice plantations. The calm-serene vibe of the resort are complemented by the sound of a fresh stream flowing through the property. You can catch up on some reading, relax by the stream, take cooking lessons, walk through the village or indulge in some trekking. You can try Savaari’s Innova on rent in Mumbai to reach the resort comfortably.
Rates – INR 4, 500 without meals.

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4. Citrus County Farm Stay Resorts, Punjab

One of the most famous farm stay resorts near Amritsar has to be the Citrus County Farm Stay in Hoshiarpur. What started as an additional source of revenue for the family in 2006, became a huge success story in a few years. With three suites inside the house and nine luxury tents glamming in the garden, Citrus County Resort defines luxury in this little corner of Punjab. Extremely popular for its 70-acre orchard, guests are encouraged to pick fruits, enjoy the bar and café built within the property, explore local villages, understand farming techniques and enjoy some lip-smacking Punjabi food. To get to the resort, you can easily book a car rental in Amritsar from Savaari.
Rates – INR 14,000 per night including meals.

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5. Malgudi Farm Stay, Karnataka

Mud walls and thatched roof are what make Malgudi Farm Resorts one of the most interesting farm stays near Bangalore. Go back in time to the simpler days, wake up to the sound of cock-a-doodle-doo with windows overlooking vast endless farms. The joy of simple living is unmatched. Only a 2-hour drive from the city, visit Malgudi Farm Resorts to enjoy the tranquility of quiet farmlands and richness of organic food – a village experience in Bangalore. You can either drive down from Bangalore or avail a Bangalore car hire from Savaari.
Rates – INR 3, 000 per night without meals.

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6. Pratapgarh Resorts, Harayana

Pratapgarh Resorts is a well-known farm-stay near Delhi. The resort welcomes one with humungous fields and open spaces on all four sides. There is a nominal entry ticket of INR 1230 for adults and INR 690 for kids between 5-10 years of age. Pratapgarh Farms lets you experience the rural life of a small village for a day. The Farm is located in Jhajjar, Haryana at a distance of about 55 km from Delhi. Spend the day enjoying some music, playing childhood games like Gilli Danda or cricket and volleyball. Do not miss the pottery and matka painting sessions. You can rent a car in Delhi to get to the resort and have a hassle-free time traveling with friends and family.

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7. Heights Farm Stay, Coorg

While there is a plethora of farm resorts in Coorg, Height Farm Stay is your destination for happiness. Surrounded by lush green coffee, pepper, and orange plants; conserving the biodiversity of the area is of utmost importance to the hosts of this resort. Soak in the freshness in the air, enjoy the night sky full of stars and some authentic local food along with the right dose of nature at Heights Resort. Explore the plantation trails, indulge in nature walks and bird watching or stay in and relax in the warmth of the open campfire with a book and a beverage of your choice. You can book a taxi from Bangalore to Coorg here.
Rates – INR 4,000 per night without meals

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8. Kabini Farm Stay Resort, Karnataka

Immerse yourself in the sheer beauty of rural Karnataka at Kabini Farm Stay Resort. About 80 km from the royal city of Mysore, Kabini is a veritable paradise and a breath of fresh air. As is rightly said, staying at Kabini is not just about spending some quality time, it is an experience. Situated in the middle of a farm, with dense forest and wildlife around it; Kabini lets you unwind and detox in the lap of nature.
For an effortless travel experience to this farm stay in Karnataka, you can book a car on rent in Mysore to get to Kabini
Rates – INR 5, 000 including meals

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9. Cyka Farm Stay Resorts, Telangana

Another famous farm stay resort in Hyderabad is Cyka. It has the appearance of an urban village and promotes rural and agricultural tourism in Hyderabad. A picturesque pond and thatched huts for guests made by bamboo artisans from Bidar welcome you to the resort. A night spent at Cyka truly refreshes and re-energizes one for weeks to come. The host of the resort loves sharing tips on seed germination and planting saplings. Cyka is also famously known as the Bali in India. If you are traveling with a bigger group, try Savaari’s Innova car rental in Hyderabad for a comfortable and smooth journey.
Rate – INR 1,900 without taxes.

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These are our top 8 picks for the holiday season. Tell us where you are heading for some quality time with friends and family.

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Happy holidays!

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