The Valley of Flowers – an ode to the eternally lazy

The highly saturated colors of purple and yellow and green, in the Valley of Flowers
People say its nature like they’ve never seen.
As people trek for hours and hours,
To lay their eyes on the Valley of Flowers
But the eternally lazy, couch-loving me
Has discovered ways to explore – locally!
They ask me to practice social distancing for a week or two,
LOL, this is something I always do!

Why go and smell flowers and sneeze,
Or be stung by lingering bees?
“The best views come after the hardest climb”- oh please!


The highly saturated pictures on Instagram give me vibes,
So why go out and travel with the tribe?
Or even the local park with the views,
Has a smaller version of those similar hues.
Money saved is money earned they say,

And I ain’t got any to begin with anyway,
So if I just stay home and watch some Netflix,
And binge-watch Stranger Things
I’m still gaining exposure to the world,
Albeit a very fictitious one.


And who wants to travel in the car?
And reek of motion sickness for an hour,
Cause if I want the wind in my face
I can just turn the fan my way!

So I’ll post my pictures on Instagram,
Mark it #Travel and #ExploreMore and #Travelgram,
And say how The Valley of Flowers makes my heart stop,

But seriously, thank you Photoshop.


Just kidding guys here’s all you should know about the valley of flowers.

Last Updated on March 26, 2020 by Harpreet Janeja

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