Things to do in Mysore Palace – A complete travel guide

Uncover the hidden stories and intricate details of Mysore Palace, a true masterpiece of architecture and design. When you travel to Mysore, one of the first places that people tell you to visit is the Mysore Palace. Built during the early 20th century, Mysore Palace, also known as Amba Vilas Palace, is located right at the center of the city. It was home to the royal family of Wodeyars, who ruled the Kingdom of Mysore for nearly 600 years. The palace is a unique architectural marvel blending various elements from Muslim, Rajput, Hindu, and Gothic styles. To make your visit to the Mysore palace hassle-free and convenient, book a Savaari cab in Mysore to enjoy a comfortable journey to explore the surrounding areas at your own pace. A trip to Mysore Palace is like stepping into a storybook with beautiful designs and elements of grandeur.

Table of Content

  1. About Mysore Palace
  2. Comprehensive guide to cover Mysore Palace
  3. How to plan a trip to Mysore Palace
  4. How to reach Mysore Palace
  5. Best time to visit Mysore Palace
  6. Travel tips for visiting Mysore Palace
  7. Mysore Palace timings and entry fee
  8. Hotels and restaurants near Mysore Palace
  9. Why visiting Mysore Palace should be on your next travel list
Things to do in Mysore Palace

About Mysore Palace

Every person entering the Mysore Palace will surely feel wonder and awe. This majestic palace embodies India’s rich culture and architectural excellence. The architecture combines elements from different architectural styles and stands as a testament to the region’s cultural diversity and heritage. The palace offers a unique insight into the lives of the royal family who lived here not very long ago. Every nook and corner has a story to tell – a story from the golden era of Mysore.

History of Mysore Palace

Mysore Palace was the official residence of the royal family of Mysore. In 1897, a fire destroyed the old palace, and in 1917, they built a new palace that was inaugurated in a grand ceremony. They illuminated the palace with numerous lights during the inauguration. The British architect Henry Irwin designed the palace to reflect the grandeur and opulence of the royal family, showcasing their power and wealth.

Additionally, the palace served as a centre for cultural and social events, where the royal family hosted numerous celebrations and ceremonies. It attracts millions of tourists from around the world, especially during Dassehra.

The architecture of Mysore Palace

The exquisite architecture of Mysore Palace combines elements from Hindu, Muslim, and Gothic styles. The walls and ceilings of the palace feature intricate designs, while the columns are adorned with paintings, carvings, and murals that reflect the region’s cultural heritage. The public rooms feature ornate chandeliers, marble floors, and velvet drapes. Moreover, the private chambers feature exquisite furnishings, including intricately carved wooden furniture and silk tapestries. The most striking feature of the palace is the use of colorful stained glass windows. Therefore, when the sun is shining bright, these windows create an ethereal glow creating a mesmerizing ambiance inside.

Spread across an area of 700,000 square feet, the palace has four entrances.

  • East Entrance: This was known as the Jaya Maarthaanda Gate and is the main gate to the palace that leads to Darbar Hall. It has an archway with intricate carvings and paintings narrating the story of the Mysore Kingdom.
  • West Entrance: This was known as the Varaha Gate named after the avatar of Lord Vishnu. It is one of the oldest entrances with carvings of Hindu deities and a large statue of the Varaha avatar of Lord Vishnu.
  • North Entrance: This was known as the Jayarama Gate and it leads to the wedding hall (Kalyana Mantapa). This is a beautiful hall with stained glass windows and intricate carvings.
  • South Entrance: This was known as the Balarama Gate and was used by the royal family to access the palace gardens. Its archway has carvings of various animals depicting the wildlife of the region.

Facts about Mysore Palace

Here are some interesting and not-so-well-known facts about Mysore Palace:

  • The name Amba Vilas Palace is named after Goddess Amba, a Hindu deity
  • The palace was originally a 14th-century fort
  • There are around 97,000 light bulbs in the palace that are lit every Sunday evening
  • There is a secret underground chamber that was used to hide the treasures of the royal family during invasions and wars
  • The palace’s doors are made of teakwood and are around 8 inches thick, making them extremely durable and resistant to damage.
  • The carved wooden ceiling of the Darbar Hall weighs around 200 tonnes and is held in place by ornate pillars
  • The palace has hosted Queen Elizabeth II in 1961
  • The architect of the palace has also designed the Victoria Memorial in Kolkata

Comprehensive guide to cover Mysore Palace

Mysore Palace offers a plethora of activities to tourists. You can explore the architecture, go through the rare artifacts in the museum, explore the flora in the palace gardens, and witness the spectacular light and sound show in the evenings. You can also shop for handicrafts and souvenirs in the local market. Take a look at our guide to travelling in Mysore, which provides a thorough overview of the top activities and sights to experience in the area.

Things to do in Mysore Palace

Here is a quick guide to help you explore Mysore Palace to its fullest:

  • Architecture
    • Marvel at the unique blend of different architectural styles
    • Explore the design and carvings on the four entrances to the palace
    • Admire the craftsmanship in the intricate carvings and designs on the walls, ceilings, and pillars of the palace
    • Stretch your neck to marvel at the beautifully carved wooden dome in Darbar Hall
  • Museum
    • Rare artifacts: These include antique weapons, furniture, and weapons
    • Portrait Gallery: Showcasing the lineage of the Wodeyar Dynasty including portraits of the kings and queens from the 15th Century to date
    • Musical Instrument Gallery: Featuring a wide range of Indian and Western musical instruments
    • Costume Gallery: Displaying traditional clothing and jewelry of the royal family
  • Gardens
    • Explore the rare and exotic plant species like the giant bamboo
    • Stroll on the beautifully-landscaped lawns of the palace
    • Marvel at the fountains that are illuminated at night
  • Light and Sound Show
    • Witness the grand light and sound show that narrates the story of the history and culture of the palace
  • Events and Festivals
    • Dassehra: This is a ten-day festival that attracts millions of visitors from around the globe
    • Other events: The palace hosts various festivals throughout the year like music concerts, art exhibitions, food festivals, etc.

Places to visit near Mysore Palace

Mysore Palace is one of the must-visit tourist spots in India. Apart from exploring the palace and the experiences it offers, you can also make your trip more fulfilling and enjoyable by visiting some nearby attractions that include stunning hills, beautiful gardens, and historic towns that offer a mix of cultural, historical, and natural wonders. Here is a list of places to visit in Mysore Palace:

  1. Chamundi Hill: This is a popular pilgrimage site that has a temple dedicated to Goddess Chamundeshwari. The temple was constructed at the same spot where the Goddess had defeated the demon Mahishasura. The temple is atop a hill and offers panoramic views of the city. It is located about 13 km from Mysore Palace and entry is free.
  2. Mysore Zoo: Also called Sri Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens, Mysore Zoo is spread over 157 acres and is home to a diverse range of animals. You can explore the zoo on foot or by battery-operated vehicle and can also attend animal feeding sessions and watch animal shows. It is located at a distance of around three kilometers from Mysore Palace. You can take a bus or hire a taxi to reach there in no time. The entry fee is as follows:
    • Weekdays: Rs.50 per adult and Rs.25 per child
    • Weekends and Holidays: Rs.60 per adult and Rs.30 per child
    • Still Camera: Rs.20
    • Video Camera: Rs.150
  3. Brindavan Gardens: Spread across an area of 60 acres, Brindavan Gardens is located at a distance of around 20 km from Mysore Palace. It is known for its beautiful fountains and a colorful light and sound show held in the evening. You can take a bus or hire a cab to travel from Mysore Palace to Brindavan Gardens within 30-40 minutes. The entry fee is Rs.15 per adult and Rs.5 per child (5-10 years).

How to plan a trip to Mysore Palace

If you are planning a trip to Mysore Palace, then make sure that you create an itinerary that includes exploring the architecture of the palace, attending the sound and light show, and visiting some nearby attractions. Planning your visit during Dassehra is a good option so that you can experience the celebrations and grandeur of the palace. Also, you can book tickets to the palace online to avoid long queues at the ticket booking counter.

How to reach Mysore Palace

By Train

The Mysore Junction (MYS) or the Mysuru Junction is the primary railway station close to Mysore Palace. Trains from major cities like Delhi, Mangalore, and Chennai regularly ply to this junction. It is at a distance of around 2.5 km from Mysore Palace. You can take a bus or opt for a car rental service to reach the palace and explore the nearby areas in a hassle-free manner. If there is no direct train from your city to MYS, then you can take a train to Bangalore and then opt for a connecting train to Mysore.

By Road

Most people from the southern cities of India prefer traveling by road to Mysore since it has excellent connectivity via most cities in South India via highways and expressways. Here is a quick look at the road distance between Mysore and other major cities:

You can hire a taxi from Savaari and enjoy the scenic beauty offered by the route without having to worry about managing the wheel.

By Flight

The Mysore Airport (MYQ) is the nearest airport to Mysore Palace. It is at a distance of around 11 km from the monument. There are various options to travel from the airport to Mysore Palace. The most convenient way is to hire a cab from Mysore airport and cover the distance within 20 minutes. The airport is well-connected to major Indian cities. However, if there is no flight from your city to Mysore, you can take a flight to Bangalore and then take a train or hire a cab to get to Mysore.

Best time to visit Mysore Palace

Summers can be very hot in Mysore and exploring the city can become difficult. So, the best time to visit the palace is during the months when the weather is cooler. This is between October and March. During these months, the temperature is usually in the range of 22-30 degrees, making it ideal for outdoor activities. Interestingly, this period also coincides with the celebration of Dassehra and various other festivals in grand style at the palace.

Travel tips for visiting Mysore Palace

If you’re planning a trip to this magnificent palace, known for its rich history and exquisite architecture, you’re in for a treat. Here are some tips, practical advice, and must-know information to ensure you have a smooth and memorable visit to this iconic palace.

  • As a sign of respect and to maintain the cleanliness of the palace, visitors are required to remove their shoes before entering the palace. Hence, ensure that you wear shoes accordingly.
  • There are designated paths inside the palace for visitors. Make sure that you follow them and avoid touching the walls or any artifacts.
  • There is a restriction for photography in some areas of the palace. There are signs at adequate places. Make sure to follow the signs and guidelines.
  • While you can read up about the history of the palace, hiring a guide can help you understand it better and ensure that you do not miss out on any important details.
  • Mysore can get dry and humid during the day even during winter. Hence, make sure that you carry a bottle of water and keep yourself hydrated throughout the day.
  • If you are traveling with elderly people or kids, then you might want to hire a battery-operated vehicle to move around the palace grounds

Mysore Palace timings and entry fee

The palace is open for tourists on all days of the week from 10 am to 5.30 pm. The entrance is permitted from the Varaha Gate.

The entry fee structure is as follows:

Palace entry fee

  • Rs.40 per person for adults
  • Rs.20 per person for children between the age of 10 and 18 years
  • Rs.10 per person for students with a letter from the school
  • Rs.200 per person for foreign tourists
  • Free entry for children below 10 years of age

Sound and light show charges

  • Rs.40 per person for adults
  • Rs.25 per person for children between the age of 7 and 12 years
  • Rs.200 per person for foreign tourists

Hotels and restaurants near Mysore Palace

Here is a quick look at the accommodation options if you are planning to visit Mysore Palace.

Hotel NameAddressContact Number
Hotel Pai Vista, MysoreDoora, 35/A, Bangalore Nilgiri Rd, behind Bhima Jewellery, Nazarbad, Mysuru9900557327
Parklane HotelSri Harsha Rd, Lashkar Mohalla, Mandi Mohalla, Mysuru8214003500
Hotel Lok SagarJaganmohan Palace Circle, #268, Lakshmi Vilas Road, Subbarayanakere, Chamrajpura, Mysuru7338390999
Southern Star Mysore13-14, Vinoba Rd, Devaraja Mohalla, CFTRI Campus, Kajjihundi, Mysuru8212426426
Hotel Kings KastelBus Stand, No 69, Ashoka Rd, near KSRTC, Lashkar Mohalla, Mandi Mohalla, Mysuru9731578666

Why visiting Mysore Palace should be on your next travel list

Embark on a journey of awe and wonder as you step into the Mysore Palace. With its hidden stories, amazing architecture, and rich history, this place is a treasure trove waiting to be explored. As you marvel at the exquisite details be prepared to be transported to a bygone era of opulence and grandeur. And when it comes to reaching this royal abode, look no further than the convenient and hassle-free option of booking a taxi through the Savaari car rental app. Let Savaari be your trusted travel companion, ensuring a seamless and comfortable experience as you visit the palace and the surrounding areas.

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