Find Malaysia in Kerala’s largest tea museum

For a country obsessed with tea, it comes as no surprise that our day starts with a cup of hot chai (not tea chai latte). Whether hot or cold, rain or shine; Indians can’t do without chai. Mess up someone’s chai routine and watch them transform into a sullen, dour, listless individual, unable to complete simple tasks or perform the most basic functions. So it really comes as no surprise that India is one of the largest tea producing countries in the world. It is dotted with some of the largest and finest tea estates with different, but equally interesting customs, brews, and strains of chai. 


While India is one of the foremost tea producing nations, there are other equally amazing tea estates spread across the world. One very famous tea plantation in Malaysia, the Boh Tea Plantations, has caught our attention for reasons more than one. 


Both Boh Tea Plantations and Kanan Devan Hills have been producing tea for centuries now. These tea estates are extremely unique in their own rights. Each has a very special history and legacy attached to it. Not to forget, tea estates don’t just happen overnight. A tremendous amount of time and effort goes into maintaining them. 

Upon observing Boh Plantations in Malaysia and Kanan Devan Hills in Kerala, we realized that the two look like exact copies of one another. And this is no exaggeration, if pictures of the two plantations are placed next to one another, you won’t know which one is in Malaysia and which belongs to Kerala. See for yourself! 


But what makes one of  India’s oldest tea estates (now a museum too) extremely special is the fact that the Kanan Devan Hills Plantations Company is one of the first companies where all employees are shareholders. 

Why Visit Kanan Devan Hills

Located in a quaint village called Idukki in Kerala, Kanan Devan Hills are unmistakably grand. The incomparable beauty engulfs an insane area of 24,000 hectares covering infinite rows of perfectly manicured tea plantations. 


The beauty that Kanan Devan Hills has been bestowed with is unimaginable, ineffable, and stupendous, to say the least. No amount of photography can capture or immortalize the elegant charm of these hills. You may battle the winds, trek over the mountains, run across brooks for that perfect shot, but nothing comes close to enjoying and savoring the views by just standing and admiring the vastness in front of you, not to forget with a cup of steaming hot chai. 


Of course, Boh Tea Plantations are equally stunning, but not on a scale as grand and vast as our Indian counterpart. Admire nature’s bounty right at home, after all, there is little that India lacks, apart from common sense, of course. Give our very own Kanan Devan hills a chance before you go rushing off to Malaysia. All you need is some fresh perspective and probably a pair of new binoculars to look at the subcontinent from a completely different lens. 

Best time to visit Kanan Devan hills

You may want to avoid the monsoon months here which usually start from July and go on till the end of October. The rest of the year is pretty much a great time to be here. 

How to reach Kanan Devan Hills

By Flight 

The nearest airport is the Cochin International Airport which is around 120 km from Kanan Devan Hills. Book a Savaari Airport Taxi and set out on a picturesque road trip. 

By Train

If you choose to travel by train, Palakkad Junction Railway Station and Theni Railway Station are your nearest options. Call a Savaari taxi to take you to your destination in complete comfort. 

By Road

South India is well connected by road. An overnight drive from major cities in the South, let Savaari’s expert chauffeurs take the trouble of driving you to Idukki while you sit and enjoy the stunning vistas. 

So, make plans for visiting this beautiful destination and let Savaari take care of your roadtrip!

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Find Malaysia in Kerala's largest tea museum
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Find Malaysia in Kerala's largest tea museum
Located in a quaint village called Idukki in Kerala, Kanan Devan Hills are unmistakably grand. The incomparable beauty engulfs an insane area of 24,000 hectares covering infinite rows of perfectly manicured tea plantations.
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