A Guide to Delhi’s Best Street Food Experience

They say Calcutta is the city of joy, Mumbai is the city of dreams, while Bangalore is the Indian Silicon Valley, but Delhi is a city of food and good food only. If you want to eat, you should head straight to Delhi. While I am not ruling out the street foods of other cities, but nothing comes close to the variety of food we get here. Born in Delhi, I grew up eating the best golgappe, paranthas, the amazing dahi bhalle decorated with red chilly powder and tamarind chutney, the buttery tikki chole and the list goes on. Delhi or how I like to call it, Dilli, is a land of food-loving humans who take their food very seriously. No matter how rich one is, giving up on our street food in Delhi is not an option. Here’s why!

Chole Bhature


A trip to Delhi is never complete or successful without a plate of Chole Bhature. The extra love and soda which is added to make this Bhature bigger and fluffier are what makes them so tasty. The spicy chole makes it easier to gobble down two humungous bhature in no time. Even for a skinny girl like myself, sharing my plate of Chole Bhature is not an option. Ask for the pickled onions and green chilies for the extra flavor, and the special chutney for the chole.
Where to eat– Giani di Hatti in Chandni Chowk, Bikanervala at Rajouri Garden, Kwality Restaurant in CP, Roshan’s at Karol Bagh, Sitaram at Paharganj, Nand ke Chole Bhature in Sadar Bazaar and Chache di Hatti in DU.

Dahi Bhalle


Missing out on Delhi’s Dahi Bhalle is just pure sadness. Made with magic, the softest bhalle dunked in sweet curd, mixed with tangy tamarind chutney and sprinkled with 5 different spices, is your plate of happiness during summers, winters and every other possible season discovered by mankind.
Where to eat – Atul Chat Bhandar in Rajouri Market, Dahi Bhalla Corner at Karol Bagh, Haldiram’s at Chandni Chowk, Kaleva Sweets, Natraj in Chandni Chowk.

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Samosa with Chole

savaari-samose-chole -chaat

This fried plate of happiness will not disappoint you at all. This has been Delhi’s specialty since my great-grandfather’s day! It’s that old! The samosa dipped in spicy chole decorated with finely chopped onions, coriander leaves and lots of tangy sauce will make your taste buds happy like never before. You can also find hot pipping samosas all over the streets of Delhi.
Where to eat- Aggarwal’s, Chandni Chowk, Annapurna Sweets in CR Park and Tilak Munjal in Pitampura



The richness of this dessert is visible on the topmost layer which is loaded with big chunks of dry fruits. The thick milk used in making these fine kulfis are loaded with malai and Kesar. It tastes heavenly! Not even the bitter winters of Delhi can stop people from eating these heavenly kulfis straight out of the ice-filed container. To take your happiness to the next level, dip your pistachio studded kulfi in rabri. You can thank me later!
Where to eat – Siya Ram Nannumal at Ajmeri Gate, Roshan di Kulfi in Karol Bagh, Kuremal at Chawri Bazaar, Ravi Raj di Kulfi at Karol Bagh and Jain Kulfi Bhandar at Shahdara.



What’s for breakfast? Aloo ke paranthe, mooli ke paranthe, besan ke paranthe, gobi ke paranthe and etc etc. There isn’t a single vegetable grown in India that we have not tried to stuff into our paranthas. We have, in fact, put Nutella in our paranthe too. Extremely famous in Delhi as the first meal of the day, these paranthe fill you up till like there is no tomorrow. And when in Delhi, you can trust these paranthe from any street food stall with your eyes closed.
Where to eat – Om Sweets and Kakke di Hatti in Karol Bagh, Parathe Wali Gali, Moolchand ke Parathe, Not Just Parathas at Rajouri Garden and Kakke di Hatti at Fatehpuri

Kachori with Sabzi


Once you have tasted Delhi’s street food, there is no going back! With your taste buds rolling in happiness, hygiene is the last thing you are worried about! Like most other things, Delhi does not go wrong with its kachori and Sabzi. The spicy aloo sabzi and the crisp kachori fills your heart with just the right amount of happiness. Ask for some pickle or green chutney for the best flavor.
Where to eat – Fateh ki Kachori(Savaari Recommends), Hanuman Mandir in CP, Jung Bahadur in Chandni Chowk Metro, Old Fort, Kamla Nagar Market, Baba Nagpal Corner in Lajpat Nagar, Sharma Kachoriwala in Pitampura, Bikanervala in Shalimar Bagh, and Haldiram at CP.

Rabri Falooda


Made with caramelized milk and dry fruits, this syrup is mind-blowing. No dessert comes close to what this dessert does to your taste buds. Not too sweet or heavy, no one stops at one. You will end up chugging two or three such glasses.
Where to eat – Giani’s di Hatti in Chandni Chowk, Haldiram’s, Om Sweets and Kaleva



 Earlier the land of Nawabs, Delhi would not go wrong with the kebabs either. Kebabs are still Delhi’s best street food. The huge variety of Kebabs that you get here will simply blow your mind. The aroma coming out of furnaces roasting big kebab pieces pierced by sleek iron rods is a feast to the eyes. You will have a hard time choosing between kakori Kebabs, gulauti kebabs and shami kebabs.
Where to eat- Kebab points in local markets, Chawla’s at Tilak Nagar, Kakori Kebab from Aap ki Khatir, Khan Chacha ke Kebabs, Karim’s, Kebabs in Nizamuddin,

Now that you have the list of places you should be heading to for the best street food experience, plan a day out and explore all of these places in Savaari’s Delhi car rental or cab booking in Delhi at affordable packages. Book a plane to Delhi if you must, but allow yourself the pleasure of experiencing this street magic at least once in your life. Let us know, what we missed out on and what you absolutely love out of all these optioned mentioned!

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