Single this Valentine 2022? Here are all the things you can do

Valentine’s day for singles? Yes, you read that right! Find out more as we discuss all the things you can do to celebrate the day,

The V-day is arriving. Soon your social media feed would be filled with #couplegoals pictures. Nearly all the tables at your favourite places to hang out in the city will be occupied by love birds. But why worry about finding love in a partner when you can fall in love with travel? 

Uniting the spirit of singlehood, we have curated a list for the explorer in you. So pack your bags to create your own #travelgoals in this month of love. Because why should couples have all the fun on Valentine’s Day? 

Ditch the wait time, go wine tasting

Say no to “No stag entry” and give your taste palate a fruity experience. Located 60 km from the city of Bangalore, Soma Vineyards is one of the most scenic vineyards of the country. Infact it happens to be the only one where you would find both coconut trees and grapes growing together! 

They organise a comprehensive four-hour tasting tour. You will get to try some of the rare and exclusive wines that are available only in this vineyard. Don’t forget to try their signature wines when you are here. 


Soma Vineyard is close to the Makalidurga Fort. You can trek your way to the top. The two-kilometre trek difficulty level is easy to moderate for beginners but the trail muddy and has gravels with big boulders. Do not forget to carry comfortable shoes! On reaching the peak, you will find an old temple. It is believed that Markandeya Rishi, the immortal sage mentioned in Bhagwad Purana and Mahabharata, performed penance here.

You may conclude your trip with a visit to Nandi Hills which is only an hour’s drive from the vineyards. Spend a night at a homestay and enjoy the rest of your stay!

Distance: 60 km from Bangalore

Vineyard Tour timing: 3:30 PM to 7:30 PM

Netflix and chill in the hills

Surround yourself in the lush green valleys and stay at wooden houses away from the crowded tourist-y destinations. If this sounds like a plan to you, then grab your backpack and head to Jibhi. Unlike the other hill stations of Himachal, Jibhi is lesser-known to tourists and thus you can find your peace here. 


The Great Himalayan National Park is just an hour away from this virgin valley. With pine and cedar forests around, Jibhi is a great place for fishing, bird sighting and hiking. You may also choose to enjoy a laid back evening at a homestay or a hostel, enjoying the local food and indulging in animated conversations with the locals. People here are amicable and welcoming.

Spot the rare waterfalls in Seraj valley near Raghupur Fort and take pictures with the rainbows around it. Hike to the sacred Seroyul Lake and get to know the story of the old temples from the residents of the place. You will find many solo travellers during the hike. The stories, the food and the starry sky will make you fall in love with the mountains!

Distance: 493 km from Delhi

Bay over bae


Give yourself a beach break and head to Covelong (locally called as Kovalam) beach in Chennai. It is usually less crowded than others on the Coromandel Coast of the Bay of Bengal. You can go swimming, snorkelling and surfing for a fun afternoon. Relish the scrumptious seafood available near the beach. Relax while taking a body spa and indulge in conversation with new people while sipping on the classic cocktails at the well-known bars nearby. 

Covelong beach is also known to have Olive Ridley turtles and if you are lucky, you will find phytoplanktons light up the ocean waves at night. The view is magical under the starry sky!

If you are a beach person, then visiting Covelong will help you cherish the experience while not bumping into a sea of couples. You can stay at any beach resort nearby or head to the French town of India, Pondicherry which is just 1.5 hours away from here. 

Distance: 37 km from Chennai

Go solo, go snow 

Covered in a thick layer of snow, Spiti Valley is known as the hub of solo travellers. Spiti is located in one of the most remote locations of Himachal Pradesh. Discover your inner self at the peaceful monasteries here. There are several hostels for backpackers where you can find solo travellers singing and dancing around campfires. 


One of many untouched and unexplored terrains of the country, Lahaul and Spiti will be the perfect destination for you this Valentine’s day 2022. Trek through the rugged mountain ranges and mountain passes to treat your eyes and soul with breathtaking views. Find the highest post office of the country here and get a chance to stay at monasteries. 

How to get there: To reach Spiti you can simply book a cab from the nearest city. Bhuntar and Chandigarh are the nearest airports. 

So, what are you waiting for? Gift yourself an adventure of a lifetime this weekend and let us know how you celebrated your Valentine’s Day for singles. 

Have you taken a solo trip which turned out to be your best decision? Let us know in the comments.

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