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Madhya Pradesh has been aptly called the ‘Heart of India’. Remember way back in the 2000s we were bombarded with Madhya Pradesh tourism ads where snippets of the beautiful state were strung together to show us all that Madhya Pradesh has in store for us? And yet, after all those years, I still believe Madhya Pradesh does not get the same limelight as the other touristy places in India.

Extremely rich in history, culture, age-old traditions and not to forget the amazing art & craft, Madhya Pradesh is one of the biggest contributors in making India a diverse country. Madhya Pradesh owes much to the reign of different dynasties over a long period of time for its rich history and majestic monuments that are the crown jewels of India. If you are planning to embark on a road trip from Delhi to Madhya Pradesh, we have curated an essential road trip itinerary that gives you several reasons why this road trip to the heart of India should be on your bucket list.

There is a lot to explore and experience in Madhya Pradesh. Reflecting the true essence of India, Madhya Pradesh with its beautifully carved temples, rich wildlife, beautiful landscape and vibrant cities are sure to blow your mind. Here are some of the best places in Madhya Pradesh that will make you want to plan a trip to this undoubtedly beautiful state soon: 

1. Orchha 

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Want to experience what pure bliss feels like? Visit Orchha. We are not exaggerating when we say this, but the calm, serene and quiet vibe in the air leaves you so refreshed. This small hamlet situated on the banks of the River Betwa would take you back in time to the reign of the Bundela kings. The architecture is definitely the prime attraction here. Apart from the architecture, Orchha is a blessing in terms of being less populated. The faint hint of the lost kingdom along with the unmatched peace and quietude felt here makes Orchha a perfect getaway in Madhya Pradesh. 

Popular Attractions

Orchha Fort, Jahangir Mahal, Chaurbhuj Temple, Raj Ram Temple, Raja Mahal, Uth Khana (Camel Shelter), Lakshmi Temple, Sawan Bhado Pillars, Phool Bagh, Paalki Mahal, Khana Hammam, Dinman Hardaul’s Palace, Raj Praveen Mahal. 

Things to do in Orchha

  • Admire a beautiful sunset over the beautiful Betwa River
  • Do not miss the light and sound show at Raja Ram Mahal 
  • Attend Aarti at Ram Raja Palace
  • Buy souvenirs made out of handmade paper
  • Interact with locals who are more than happy to narrate a few folklores
  • Take some time out to explore the Elephant Stable
  • If you are lucky, you will get the glimpse of rare Indian Vulture

Best Time to Visit

 January to March and October to December

2. Kanha National Park

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Rudyard Kipling largely contributed to bringing this national park into the limelight after he wrote his Jungle Book masterpiece. Kanha National Park is protecting the Barasinga species (Swamp Deer) from extinction in India. The thick forest is dotted with Sal, Bamboo and infamous Mahua trees. The park is also known for frequent sightings of Tiger, Blackbuck and Peacock. A large variety of birds can also be seen here making it one of the most fascinating places to visit in Madhya Pradesh for wildlife adventure.

Popular Attractions

Tigers, Barasingha, migratory birds, sunset point. 

Things to do in Kanha National Park

  • Jeep Safari to the Buffer Zone
  • Stay at Mahua Tiger Resort
  • Bird watching

Best Time to Visit

November to March

3. Khajuraho 

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A group of 22 temples, Khajuraho is famous across the world for all the right reasons. The intricate carvings and erotic sculptures are enough to make any history buff fall in love with this place. A visit to Khajuraho will widen your horizons on how art and masterpieces like these should be perceived and interpreted. Pro-tip: visit Khajuraho without any preconceived notions or judgments.

Popular Attractions

Kandariya Mahadev Temple, Lakshman Temple, Vishvanath Temple, Parsvanath Temple, Chitragupta, Bijamandala Temple, Matangsvera, Devi Jagdamba, Chausath Yogini, Vamana Temple, Duladeo Temple

Things to do in Khajuraho

  • Khajuraho also houses two lakes. So make sure you visit the lakes
  • Explore the Old Village on a bike
  • Try some South Indian cuisines at Madras Coffee House
  • Take a tour of the Western Group of Temples
  • Do stop by at Rajas’s Cafe for a wholesome breakfast

4. Sanchi

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Sanchi in Raisen district of Madhya Pradesh is a must-see. The place is famous for its Sanchi Stupa. Known as the Buddhist hub, Sanchi is now more or less an open museum that showcases remnants from the different empires that once ruled Sanchi. Definitely an excellent place for a spiritual getaway in Madhya Pradesh. 

Tourist Attractions 

Sanchi Stupa, Monasteries, Toranas

Things to do in Sanchi

  • Visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site – Sanchi Stupa 
  • Do not miss out on Stupa 1, Stupa 2 and Stupa 3
  • Visit the Archaeological Museum
  • Spend some time in Monastery 45 and 47
  • Pay a visit to Temple 18

Best Time to Visit

October to March

5. Ujjain

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A perfect destination for those looking for spiritual awakening, Ujjain will amaze its visitors. The temples here are mostly dedicated to the Shaivite and Vaishnavite sect of Hinduism. The temples at Ujjain are excellent specimens of Bundela art and architecture. River Kshipra is among some of the best places in Ujjain to spend time and feel sheer tranquility in this otherwise chaotic city. Book an affordable car rental service and get exploring.

Tourist Attractions

Mahakaleshwar Temple, Gopal Mandir, Chintaman Ganesh Mandir, Clock Mandir, Indira Gandhi Statue, Ram Ghat, Harsiddhi Mandir

Things to do in Ujjain

  • Visit the Mahakaleshwar Temple
  • Eat at Zharokha Restaurant
  • Attend the Magh Mela if you are traveling in April
  • Visit Harsiddhi Mandir during Dussehra

Best Time to Visit 

October to March

6. Bhimbhetka Caves

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Some places in Madhya Pradesh really do take you back in time and by that we mean REALLY back in time – far back into the stone age era. The Bhimbetka Caves in Bhiyanpura in the Raisen District of Madhya Pradesh is an incredible place to observe the first-ever form of human expression. The caves are the natural gallery that treasures wall paintings from the prehistoric era ranging from Upper Paleolithic right up to the medieval period.

The exploration of these caves is no less than an adventure. It is like sitting in a time travel machine and exploring the different forms of human expression painted on the walls of those caves. Apart from the art-rich rock shelters, Bhimbetka preserves the relics of the citadel and mini stupas that indicate Buddhist influence. Several inscriptions have also been found here that are believed to have belonged to Sunga, Kushan and Gupta periods along with an undeciphered era. Bhimbetka is absolutely a perfect place for history buffs and clearly one of the most interesting places to understand evolution of mankind beyond your usual textbooks illustrations.

Tourist Attractions

Cave Paintings, Bhojpur, Hoshangabad 

Things to do in Bhimbetka Rock Shelters 

  • Admire the huge figures of bison, tigers and rhinoceroses
  • Look for the dancing figure from the Mesolithic period
  • Visit Bhojpur and Hoshangabad

Best Time to Visit 

October to March

7. Mandu

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Sometimes referred to as the Hampi of Central India, Mandu is a paradise for history buffs. Like other historic places, Mandu is also replete with architectural grandeur that reflects the influence of different ruling eras. Sitting gracefully on a hilltop, Mandu has been dotting India’s landscape since the 10th Century BC. This majestic city is a treasure trove hidden in the heart of Madhya Pradesh and should not be missed for the world if you love history as much as we do!

Tourist Attractions

Rupmati’s Pavilion, Nil Kanth Palace, Hoshang’s Tomb, Jahaz Mahal, Ashrafi Mahal

Things to do in Mandu 

  • Admire a beautiful sunset from the Rupmati’s Pavilion
  • Visit the Royal Enclave along with Village Group and Rewa Kund Group

Best Time to Visit Mandu

November to February, Ganesh Chaturthi (September)

8. Pench National Park

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Undoubtedly the pride of Madhya Pradesh, Pench National Park is one of the best places in India for wildlife jungle safari. Home to many endangered species, the most interesting fact about this national park is, it is partially in Madhya Pradesh and partially in Maharashtra. If you are visiting Madhya Pradesh for its rich wildlife, then this national park should definitely be on your itinerary. 

Tourist Attractions

Indian Bison, Sambar, Jungle Cat

Things to do in Pench National Park 

  • Jeep Safari

Best Time to Visit 

November- January

9. Jabalpur

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Jabalpur is situated on the bank of Narmada River and is a perfect place for a relaxed holiday. The beautiful city of Jabalpur is surrounded by granite and sandstone hills, and to add to its beauty and irresistible charm, the Marble rocks and the national park make Jabalpur one of our personal favorite places in Madhya Pradesh. 

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Tourist Attractions 

Sangram Sagar and Bajnamath, Madan Mahal Fort, Pisan Hari Jain Temple, Bhedaghat, Rani Durgavati Memorial and Museum, Dhuandhar Falls, Marble Rock Formations, Madan, Mahal Fort, Gurudwara Gwari Ghat Saheb, Dumna Nature Reserve Park, Bargi Dam

Things to do in Jabalpur 

  • Visit the Dhuandhar Falls
  • Take a boat ride to Marble Rocks, most preferably under a starry night
  • Take some time out to admire the 76m tall Shiva statue
  • Be part of aarti at Gwarighat

Best Time to Visit 


10. Panchmarhi 

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The only hill station in Madhya Pradesh steals most of Madhya Pradesh’s tourism limelight. This beautiful hill station is famous for cave paintings in the forest, viewpoints, waterfalls and a lake. To sum it for you, this hill station has a rustic charm to it which is very hard to describe in words and is best felt and experienced. In fact, the pictures do not do justice to it either. So head out to explore the abundant beauty of Panchmarhi. 

Tourist Attractions

Dhupgarh, Chauragarh, Panar Pani, Sangam, Jatashankar and Mahadeo Caves, Silver Falls, Apsara Vihar

Things to do in Panchmarhi

  • Visit the Sunset Point
  • Spend time at the lake 
  • Admire the beautiful architecture of the Catholic Church
  • Explore the Pandava Caves

 Best Time to Visit Panchmarhi 


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With this detailed guide, we hope you make the most of your time in Madhya Pradesh. Be prepared to get amazed and take home one of the most epic wildlife adventures in India. For a hassle-free traveling experience, book your Savaari with us.

Happy Traveling! 

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