Work + Vacation – How to Workation in India

Initially, the thought of working from home seemed brilliant, even awesome! The joy of working in our pajamas and from the comfort of our homes was a blessing in disguise! Waking up five minutes before our morning meetings and avoiding everyday traffic felt like a dream come true.


But over time, these very same blessings resulted in a burnout! Exhausted, overworked, and fatigued is how most of us feel all this time into the pandemic! And to add to this, most companies have adopted remote working on a permanent or semi-permanent basis. So how exactly are people like you and I dealing with this work culture?

Perks of working from home

Of course, there are many perks of working from home! It is YOUR place, Wi-Fi is uninterrupted, you get your food on time, occasionally take a power nap, binge-watch shows on Netflix and Amazon Prime on your big television screens. You are the safest at home!


But every now and then there is a strong yearning for a change of place and a break from the monotony! Especially with the lack of boundaries between home and work, now more than ever, people are stressed, exhausted, and in dire need of a vacation. And that’s exactly where a workation comes to your rescue!

What is a Workation/ Workcation?


The meaning of workation in simple terms is taking a vacation with your laptop and to-do lists. A workation allows you to work remotely and at the same time enjoy a holiday that lets you unwind after a day’s work and be more productive the next day. Due to the monotony the COVID pandemic has assured us all with, more and more people are opting for workations packages to exotic locations such as workations in and around Bangalore, workations in Himachal Pradesh, Coorg or some even prefer beach destinations and head out for a workation in Goa

Things to consider before you take a workation

If today, you were to work from a new location, what are the first things you will consider? What are your priorities? A few non-negotiable expectations from workation companies will be – 

  1. A strong wi-fi connection for those back to back meetings and uninterrupted power supply too for those long working hours
  2. Good hygiene and sanitization regime
  3. Safety not just in terms of COVID
  4. Affordability
  5. Good food and timely meals
  6. 24/7 support staff
  7. Contactless time at the property 
  8. Availability of a doctor on the premises

Pros of a workation

  1. One of the first benefits of a workation is that it lowers your stress. After a long day of meetings and stressful work, the joy of unwinding at an exotic location probably by the sea or mountain can truly energize you for the next day. We really do underestimate the power of a really good workation!
  2. A workation is longer than a vacation. Since you are working simultaneously, you will not have to worry about your leaves or even getting them approved. In fact, your leaves are intact for vacations or trips back home.
  3. Sometimes on a workation, you tend to bump into other professionals and get to learn so much from them. A workation has the potential to help you grow professionally and make long-lasting meaningful connections.

Cons of a workation

  1. Establishing a routine from the available distractions is quite difficult initially.
  2. While the workation may not be so expensive, the cost of traveling and other added expenses make workation a little out of budget. Hence it is extremely important to do your homework well in advance. Dig deeper, look for affordable options suiting your budget, try and find deals that charge lesser tariffs for longer stays. Pick your traveling partner wisely. Do not pay unnecessarily for traveling. Choose car rentals that offer quality services without you having to pay an exorbitant price. Check out Savaari’s One-way cabs across 5 lakh routes in India.
  3. Finding yourself a spot with high-speed internet and a distraction-free zone may be difficult but of course not impossible! 

How to make a workation a success?

1. Make sure to at least spend 2 to 6 weeks at a workation


Unlike a vacation where you take some time off to explore a place, workation will only allow you that window of exploration on weekends. So ensure you stick around for a minimum of 2 to 6 weeks to make use of being in an exotic location. 

2. Plan well in advance


You may be gone for weeks or months, so ensure you have figured some very important tasks at home such as subletting your apartments, leaving your pets at your friend’s house, having someone receive your deliveries and mails, etc. Make sure you tie all the loose ends before leaving for a stress-free workation.

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3. Choose the right accommodation


Accommodation can make or break your workation. Make sure to book a place that is suitable for working. Here’s a quick checklist with essentials that you need for a conducive environment.

  • Good speed internet connection
  • A desk and chair you can sit and work at
  • A resourceful neighborhood with a supermarket, coffee shop, restaurants, and such around so that you don’t have to travel far for basics.

4. Choose a safe commuting option


As much as choosing the right accommodation is important, sorting out your travel commute is equally important. Choose your private vehicle if you do not mind driving. However, if driving is a concern for you, choose safe, reliable, and affordable car rentals for a safer, faster commute. A change of atmosphere with a relaxed road trip to a picturesque resort easily accessible by a cab – can surely do wonders for the mental health as well as productivity!

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5. Establish a routine from day 1


Plan your day and establish a routine from day 1. While perfecting it can take up to a few days and a few trials and errors, but start from the very first day. Having the same schedule will help you stay organized, plan your day better, and even give you some extra hours after work to explore the city you’re living in. Don’t expect to be extremely productive on day one. Give yourself time to settle in and you’ll soon find a working routine that’s productive, refreshing, and just the right fit for you!

6. Eat healthy and don’t forget to exercise


Just because you are on a workation does not mean you can indulge in unhealthy food or habits. Don’t forget to go for a run, do some yoga, and keep your body fit. The best times to work out on your workation will be early in the morning and before bed. 

Last but not the least, a workation can only work if you do!

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Work + Vacation - How to Workation in India
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Work + Vacation - How to Workation in India
A workation allows you to work remotely and at the same time enjoy a holiday that lets you unwind after a day’s work and be more productive the next day.
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